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Yoga for Runners
Hosted by lululemon, exclusively for Rock the Road Participants and Volunteers

Saturday, November 11th @ 8:30am

Rock the Road participants are invited to a complimentary...

Saturday Morning Yoga Class

@ lululemon masonville


Registration fees

Yoga for Runners Closed

For Rock the Road Registrants Only!

  1. Free
    Jun 21 - Nov 11

Yoga Teacher: Brian Groot

My name is Brian Groot and I am a Running Guru and yoga teacher from London, Ontario. My goal in creating Mindfulness Running is to unite running and yoga into an integrated training program which will help guide endurance athletes to achieving their goals both physically and mentally, at the same time.
I am committed to sharing my experience and knowledge that I have gained throughout my years as a runner and a yogi with those that have set goals and are seeking a path towards achieving them. Mindfulness Running is about more than just completing a distance or setting a new personal best; it is about learning from your practice, from the mind and the body.  As you draw your focus inwards, you will overcome small obstacles, each one getting you closer to your final goal, whether that be setting a new Personal Best, or living your daily life with more peace and joy.  I believe that we should challenge ourselves regularly, and sometimes that the biggest challenge is in doing less, and bring awareness to our attachments we create while training hard.

Event Schedule

  • November 12 8:30 AM EST - Saturday Morning Yoga

  • November 12 9:30 AM EST - Packet Pickup Opens

Contact Information

Event Location

lululemon, Masonville, London, ON, Canada

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