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Name Bib Location Sub-event
Adam Cox 912 Saint Johns, US Century
Al Dreher 903 Jacksonville, US Century
Allan Espano 225 Saint Johns, US Half-Metric Century
Angela Tompkins 207 Jacksonville, US Half-Metric Century
Arnold Betancourt 907 St John, US Century
Becky Afonso 210 Oldsmar, US Half-Metric Century
Bernard Alter 602 Baldwin, US Metric Century
Blake Murray 906 Oviedo, US Century
Bob McKendry 620 Fleming Island, US Metric Century
Bradlee Cribbs 201 saint augustine, US Half-Metric Century
Brandon Dowling 227 Interlachen, US Half-Metric Century
Brett Smith 517 Jacksonville, US Half Century
Brian Jones 918 palm coast, US Century
Brian Bacon 396 Heathrow, US Century
Brianna O'Steen 916 Tampa, US Century
Bridget Martin 611 Saint Johns, US Metric Century
Bruce Busby 616 Jacksonville, US Metric Century
Calia Kippen 215 St. Augustine, US Half-Metric Century
Charles Blumberg 624 Jacksonville, US Metric Century
Chrystal Yates 220 Jacksonville Beach, US Half-Metric Century
Connie Smith 518 Jacksonville, US Half Century
Dave Smith 507 Palatka, US Half Century
David Duncan 613 St. Augustine, US Metric Century
David McMullen 657 St. Augustine, US Metric Century
David Simmons 204 Cocoa, US Half-Metric Century

Event Location

5780 County Road 305, Elkton, Florida 32033, United States

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