Unleash the S.H.E. - Rochester: Presented by Mayo Clinic

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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Team Foresight Bank Join team Erica Barton Erica Barton, Andrea Massee, Cassie Harrington, Debbie Wolf, Lori Lock, Chris Stelling, Kathy Schneider, Dawn Swanson, Lori Wolf, Bretney Karsjens, Mary Schneider, Tara Goede, Carol Wolf, Erica Knutson $275.00
#teamjessica Join team Jessica Julig-Weedman Jessica Julig-Weedman, Marilyn Weedman, Emily Mickelson, Troy Mickelson, Jeani Tennyson, Lissia Laehn, Gina Zierke, Ashley Bowman, Brooklyn Arends, Tana Lasch, Melissa Purvis, Jenna Ziegler, Kelsey Fenlon, Rose Julig $75.00
Mayo Provider Team Join team Megan Bird Megan Bird, Jamie Bakkum-Gamez $50.00
TEAM KAREN Join team Karen Harlos Karen Harlos, Bill Harlos, Jennifer Anderson $50.00
Winegar Wellness Runners Join team Cheri Winegar Cheri Winegar, Diane Winegar $50.00
I would like to join Team Kristy Join team Gene Groebner Gene Groebner $25.00
Team Myrtle Join team Susan Wigersma Sarah Voogd, Susan Wigersma $25.00
Team Tracy Join team Lori Lindberg Lori Lindberg, Gina Luedke $15.00
Buns on the Run Join team Tracy Farmer Tracy Farmer, Muna Aw Mohamed $5.00
Crazy Nut's Join team Nichole Dailey Nichole Dailey, Jennifer Shedenhelm, Katie Palbicki $5.00

Event Location

Rochester Community and Technical College, 30th Avenue Southeast, Rochester, MN, United States

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