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Name Location Sub-event
Andrea McCallum Vancouver, CA Challenge
Angela Ethier Port Alberni, CA Challenge
Anna Diedricksen Comox, CA Iconic
Anne Bauer Port Alberni, CA Iconic
Birgit Fuerst Port Alberni, CA Smolts
Bob Woodcock NANAIMO, CA Challenge
Bobby Vandenhoorn Lake Country, CA Challenge
Brenda Niziol Shawnigan Lake, CA Sprints
Brian Callender Port Alberni, CA Challenge
Cam McDiarmid Mill Bay, CA Challenge
Chris Morte Sooke, CA Iconic
Christine Mackey Vancouver, CA Challenge
Colin Cann Surrey, CA Challenge
Colleen Vanderheide Chemainus, CA Iconic
Dacia Omilusik Port Alberni, CA Challenge
Darcy Corder North Vancouver, CA Iconic
Dave Cummings Sooke, CA Challenge
David Dennis Victoria, CA Challenge
Dawson Moore Port Alberni, CA Sprints
Debbie Hazelwood Victoria, CA Iconic
Debbie Wright Comox, CA Iconic
Dennis Bill Port Alberni, CA Challenge
Dianne Dennis Victoria, CA Iconic
Falan Loranger Parksville, CA Sprints
Gail Walker Chemainus, CA Challenge

Event Location

Port Alberni, BC, Canada

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