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The Tulsa SPCA is more than just an adoption agency. Our organization serves many purposes in the Tulsa community:

  • We provide a health clinic for spay/neuter and vaccination services, as well as minor needs.
  • We rehabilitate dogs and cats that have medical and/or behavior issues that need to be addressed before they can be adopted.
  • We advocate for animal rights.
  • We investigate cruelty cases.
  • We educate students on topics such as anti-bullying, pet care and how to treat animals.
  • We offer food assistance to families who can’t afford pet food.
  • And yes, we provide adoption services, and in 2017 found forever families for 1,012 pets!

We do all of this with private donations.  Local SPCA’s like us are NOT a part of a national organization.  Although the ASPCA does provide some grants to animal agencies across the country, it is a very small amount of the money they receive.  For example, according to their 990, in 2016 the ASPCA’s total revenue was over $217,000,000, but all Oklahoma animal agencies combined only saw $115,000.  That is .0005% of their revenue.

As you can see, we do so much more than “just” find homes for dogs and cats, and we hope you will be a part of our work.

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