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Name Leader Members
#idontrun Join team Netta Stephens Netta Stephens, MICHAELA DIERINZO, Karla Boyd, Mary Taylor
5:20 Running Group Join team Travis Matthews Travis Matthews, Shelly Basore
AHA!!! Join team Heather Gorrell Heather Gorrell, Angie Dobbs, Angie Gilbert
Awesome Possums Join team Robbie Haxton Robbie Haxton
Beerweiszers2018 Join team Michael Weisz Michael Weisz, Cindy Weisz, Vince Jeter
Blister Sisters Join team Monica Reed Monica Reed, Carrie Salce
Chicks with Kicks Join team SANDY FREEMAN SANDY FREEMAN, Angie Moss
Coppell Runners Georgia Smiley Georgia Smiley, Phil Smiley, Amy Zych, Jennie Hall, Karen Offutt
Dixon5 Join team Tim Dixon Tim Dixon, Katherine Dixon
ENDURANCE12:1 Dylan Prebble Dylan Prebble, Cheyel Prebble, Brynn Oly, Alan Graham, James Oly

Event Location

Tulsa, OK, United States

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