2nd Annual Marana - Tucson Women's Half Marathon

10K, 5K, and Virtual Options Too!!
March 4, 2018

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Name Leader Members
Chartierenators Join team Keith Chartier Keith Chartier, Allyson Wuenschel
Entourage Network Join team Bea Mathews Bea Mathews, Brigitte Gollner
girls rock Join team Cynthia Garza Cynthia Garza
RIOT Join team Sondra Dahlberg Sondra Dahlberg
RWB- Run Without Boys Join team Estela Magana Tina Manns, Estela Magana, Sarah Mitson, Shelly Johnson, Laura Monnie, Larissa Sandman
San Miguel Join team Brianna Mustard Brianna Mustard
Southwest Endurance Training Join team Becky Tsang Becky Tsang
Willpower Join team Janice Brannon Rochelle Byrne, Janice Brannon

Event Location

Crossroads at Silverbell District Park, North Silverbell Road, Tucson, AZ, United States

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