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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Laurie Wilson Manhattan, US 5K $25.00
Matt Kasa New Lenox, US 5K $20.00
Mark Walters Channahon, US 5K $10.00
Adrian Regan Manhattan, US 5K $0.00
Adriana Grzebielucha New lenox, US 5K $0.00
Aidan Miller Naperville, US 5K $0.00
Alanna Murray Peotone 5K $0.00
Alex Forster Channahon, US 5K $0.00
Alex Gliwa Minooka, US 5K $0.00
Alexander Prokup Tinley Park, US 5K $0.00
Alicia McLaughlin Shorewood, US 5K $0.00
Alycia Dilworth Chicago, US 5K $0.00
Amee Bohrer Joliet, US 5K $0.00
Amy Ishii Joliet, US 5K $0.00
Amy DeLaRiva Hammond, US 5K $0.00
Amy Marker Wheaton, US 5K $0.00
Amy Henderson Joliet, US 5K $0.00
Amy Boggs Manhattan, US 5K $0.00
Andrea Regan Manhattan, US 5K $0.00
Andrea Snage 5K $0.00
Andrew McClellan Minooka, US 5K $0.00
Andria Barry Downers Grove, US 5K $0.00
Andy Russell Plainfield, US 5K $0.00
Angela Penman Beecher, US 5K $0.00
Angela Locicero Joliet, US 5K $0.00

Event Location

Manhattan, Illinois, United States

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