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Cross Florida Ride
8 April 2018

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Registration fees

Non-rider Closed

Use this option to buy or add shirts, meals or transportation

  1. Free
    Apr 4 - Apr 8

1-Day Cross Florida Closed

Registration closed
  • Individual Rider

    1. Closed
      Apr 4 – Apr 6
    2. $50.00
      Apr 6 – Jan 28
    3. $60.00
      Jan 29 – Mar 25
    4. $70.00
      Mar 26 – Apr 6
    5. $70.00
      Apr 7 – Apr 8

2-Day Cross Florida Closed

Registration closed
  • Individual Rider

    1. Closed
      Apr 4 – Apr 6
    2. $70.00
      Apr 6 – Jan 28
    3. $80.00
      Jan 29 – Mar 25
    4. $90.00
      Mar 26 – Apr 6
    5. $90.00
      Apr 7 – Apr 7
    6. Closed
      Apr 7 – Apr 8

Cross Florida Ride Apparel

Order your Cross Florida Ride apparel!

Click Here to Order

2 different colors to choose from:

Yellow and Blue!

2 different cuts!  Race cut or Sport cut!

Men's and Women's sizing available

Bibs to match both jerseys!

Jersey and bib sales are on a different website and paid for separately.

Apparel is in production and will be available after April 1st.


Pricing Periods Jerseys Bibs
thru 28 January 2018 $60 $100
thru 25 March 2018 $65 $105

Event Information


We will be hosting riders from all over the country in this unique event. We're taking you over 170 miles on quiet back country roads.
We start in Cocoa Beach at Alan Shepard Park at the eastern terminus of SR-520, and will be traveling a well-marked route south of the metro Orlando area, then through hilly Pasco county, and finishing up at the beautiful Bayport Park on the Gulf coast.
Please understand that we have taken great care to keep the route at it's current length yet try to avoid 'hazardous routes,' but in some rural areas there are limited choices if any at all.
As with any bike event, exercise caution when riding public roads and obey all traffic laws.

Please be prepared because this won't be like your typical century ride. There will be four (4) SAG stops on the route: the first two are manned and provide food and drinks, and the last two are unmanned and provide drinks only.
You will also have support from roving SAG vehicles that can provide mechanical support as well as can SAG you to the finish line. You may need to depend on convenience stores along the route for some of your food and hydration, so we will provide a list of convenience stores located along the route along with your cue sheet and map so you can plan your stops accordingly.
For more details see the rider information page.

Due to the large volume of riders, the ride will be escorted by the Sheriff's Department from the start of the ride until SR520 and I95.  
No riders are to pass the motor unit during the escort. 
Remember this is not a race and will not be timed. The route will be open to traffic and riders must obey all traffic laws.

We want to continue a good reputation with residents of the communities we pass through and with the police so please be courteous and above all ride safe.

Your entry fee includes:

  • Light breakfast at Allan Sheppard Park in Cocoa Beach for the ride start of both the 1-day and 2-day riders
    • E.g. fruits, bagels, pastries, juice, coffee
  • Event t-shirt (guaranteed only if registering before March 11th)
  • An embroidered ‘wheel dipper’ patch for those that cross the finish line
  • SAG sites (at mile 33.4, 87.1, 109.7, 127.8 and 147.2) with food and drinks
  • Roving SAG vehicles with mechanical support
  • An awesome full catered meal at ride finish from the Greek City Cafe
    • E.g. Steak, chicken and falafel wraps/pitas, salads, rice, greek desserts, drinks
  • Cue sheets, electronic maps and Garmin files, and road markings of our awesome route
  • List of convenience stores along route (included on cue sheet) to supplement your ride
  • Small luggage forwarded from start line to the finish
  • Small luggage forwarded to/from mid point hotel area drop-off point for 2-day riders
  • Lunch bag forwarded to SAG #2 (mile 87.1) for 1-day riders. At the start, riders can have a bag of food, drink, etc. delivered to this midpoint
  • League of American Bicyclists (LAB) insurance

For more information please visit our event page.

*Please read our Event Policies for other information such as refunds and safety information.

Optional charges

  • $75 - return transportation for you and your bike.  We use a huge enclosed truck to keep the bikes safe and protect all bikes.  Please note that we have limited availability and that you may have to wait for other riders to complete the ride before we can start the return trip.  Sign up online to reserve your spot right away.
  • $15 - per extra t-shirt
  • $10 - per meal at ride finish for your family and friends
  • Varies - Massage therapist on-site at the finish at Bayport Park or at your hotel in Spring Hill, FL. 

Event Policies

Note to Riders

The SCFW reserves the right, without the refund of any portion of the entry fee, to refuse admission to or eject any person(s) whose conduct is deemed to be disorderly or who fails to comply with these or other event rules. Any violation of these rules by riders may result in removal from the event and any future events.

Cancellations & Refunds

Fees are nonrefundable. In the event that you cannot participate in the ride for a medical reason, you may defer your registration for up to one year. A doctor's note is required for registration deferment. Rider will have to notify SCFW in writing of a deferment request at least two days before the event takes place . You can email your deferment request and doctor's note to Registrations may only be defered for up to one year, and are non-transferable.


If you are unable to attend the event please refer to the cancellation & refund policy above.  Furthermore, we cannot ship you your registration packet or shirt if you cannot pickup it up during the specified times. 

Rider Number

The rider number must be attached to the rider's back on the outer layer with provided safety pins. Be sure to provide us with your emergency information.  The rider number is required for access to the rest stops. 

Leave No Trace

Do your part to prevent littering, defacement and other forms of pollution so that others may enjoy the the ride just as you have! Please place empty food wrappers in your pocket until you are able to dispose of the waste properly. There are trash bags at each rest stop.


Safety is the most important component of our events. We insist that you adhere to this safety information for your safety and all other event participants. While we have tried to outline the necessary information for you to have a safe ride, please remember that this event can be dangerous! Be careful, your safety is your responsibility. Ride at your own risk! Safety violaters will be removed from the event and future events.

This is NOT a closed course ride - there will be vehicular traffic on the roads with you! Please be cautious and remember to stay in the right lane at all times. Traffic in the oncoming lane WILL NOT be stopped.

  • Be alert and respectful to other riders.
  • Be aware of vehicular traffic. Obey all traffic laws.
  • Reduce downhill speeds.
  • Ride single file and stay to the right at all times.
  • Beware of unexpected wind gusts.
  • Aerobars are cautioned when riding in a paceline.
  • Heed course marshal warnings.
  • Watch for bumpy road conditions. Carry extra tubes, a pump, etc. so you are prepared for hazards.
  • No earphones, iPods, MP3 players, etc.
  • No child carriers.
  • Please be alert and exercise caution at all times on this ride.

Ride smart and remember: Your safety is in your hands.

Route Map

Proceeds go to local and national charities

Your support for our events is greatly appreciated and your donation helps support many charities.  Here is a sample of charities we have donated in the past:






  • American Cancer Society
  • Brevard Alzheimer's Foundation
  • Brevard County Hospice
  • Brevard County Public Safety  (police officers wounded on job)
  • Brevard Sharing Center
  • Bike Messenger Emergency Fund
  • City of Cocoa Toy Run
  • Daily Bread Inc. of Melbourne
  • Families Exploring Downs Syndrome (FEDS)
  • First Methodist Food Pantry
  • FIT Yaris Scholarship
  • Florida Bicycle Association
  • Harmony Farms
  • Helping Over-population of Pets End (HOPE)
  • House of Hope
  • LiveStrong
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • National Veterans Homeless Support
  • Network for Good (Food Bank)
  • Police Hall of Fame
  • Ride to Recovery
  • Rockledge Police Department for Toy Drive
  • The Center for Drug Free Living (Operation Focus)
  • Tour de Cure
  • United Humanitarians
  • Veterans Transition Facility
  • Volunteers of America
  • Wounded Warrior Project

Upcoming CAAM Tour Series Events

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Event Schedule

  • April 6 3:00 PM EDT - XFL Packet Pickup @ Adventure Cycles on Merritt Island

  • April 7 6:00 AM EDT - Two-Day XFL Packet Pickup @ Alan Shepard Park

  • April 7 7:00 AM EDT - Two-Day XFL Ride Start @Alan Shepard Park, Cocoa, FL

  • April 7 2:00 PM EDT - One-Day XFL Packet Pickup @ Adventure Cycles on Merritt Island

  • April 8 6:00 AM EDT - One-Day XFL Ride Packet Pickup @ Alan Shepard Park, Cocoa, FL

  • April 8 7:00 AM EDT - One-Day XFL Ride Start @ Alan Shepard Park, Cocoa, FL

  • April 8 8:00 AM EDT - Two-Day XFL Ride Resumes @ Holiday Inn

Contact Information

Event Location

Shepard Park, East Cocoa Beach Causeway, Cocoa Beach, FL, United States

Click here to view map