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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Fabulous, Not Fast Join team Janet Jeddore Janet Jeddore, Tammy Chochlowsky, Alex Chochlowsky, Samantha Chochlowsky, Karen Trach $25.00
NorthShore Power Walkers Join team Catherine Hughes Melody Smith, Catherine Hughes, Donna Crone McMilan, Carol Smuck, Shelley Dowrie, LIsa Young $25.00
#youdoyou Join team Stacie Thomson-Restoule Stacie Thomson-Restoule $0.00
Dirty Girls Join team Cathy Olsson Cathy Olsson, Erin Wright, Kim Daymond $0.00
Orillia RIOT 5k Join team Lynn Andrews Lynn Andrews $0.00
Smug Sprinters Join team Sue Sedgwick Sue Sedgwick, Matthew Kuusk, Ljuba Lush, Daniel Lush, Gordon Lush, Mike Lush, Nathan Alefounder, Leo Alefounder $0.00
Team McP Join team Jacki McPherson Jacki McPherson, Mike McPherson, Genesis McPherson, Greyson McPherson $0.00
Team Pimentel Join team Debbie Pimentel Debbie Pimentel, Ed Pimentel $0.00
We Run so we can Drink Join team Tracey Kohut Tracey Kohut, Wendy Sholtz, Peggy Govers $0.00
Why Are We Friends Join team Katrina Hakala Katrina Hakala, Mariane Larose $0.00

Event Location

37 Main St E, Huntsville, ON P1H 1A1

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