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Honor House

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The Honor House is a proactive step in transitioning this generation’s Combat Wounded from the Battlefield to the home front. I am asking a call to arms for support and participation in our communities. A unification of resources, networks and support structure to meet them at the doorsteps of transition, many who have sacrificed greatly! We are at a crucial crossroads with this generation’s returning veterans! I challenge you to recall the days of homeless Veteran’s littering the street corners all across our Nation, forgotten by a society who demanded so much! If we are not intentional in making a real change in ensuring medical treatment and proper transitional support is provided to this generations combat veterans, we are at risk of seeing consequences far greater than any other point in our Nation’s history.

Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Nov 02 Lucas Campbell $10.00
Aug 01 Leona Stephens $50.00
Aug 01 Jay Stephens $50.00