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Info from Marley's Hope Facebook Page

"We are a not for profit all breed dog rescue. We will help dogs in Halifax or around the world. We want to support our other local rescues and collaborate with all partners. 

Marley's Hope is a big dream with a small start. We want to help dogs that are all sizes and and all breeds get a second chance, or just a bit more time in a loving home. To help them heal and to help them find homes where they will forever be given the opportunity to be great dogs and love their people."

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jul 13 Anonymous $25.00
Jul 12 Craig Oldford I can't make it out this year so here is a donation. Good luck with the race! Undisclosed amount
Jul 12 Lisa Ladouceur Undisclosed amount
Jul 10 Michael Goodine $5.00
Jul 09 CHRIS BROYDEN $25.00
Jul 02 Reanne Waller Undisclosed amount
Jun 30 Bria Doiron $25.00
Jun 29 Anonymous $10.00
Jun 28 Hilary Green Happy to support a local rescue and the work that you do. Our dog is a rescue and he has brought so much joy to our lives! $25.00
Jun 24 Kaylee Shannon $25.00