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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Beare Run Join team Murray Beare Murray Beare, Sarah Beare, Craig Beare, Leslie Horwitz-beare, Christine McPhail, Graeme Beare, Margot Bunz, Valerie Bunz, Curtis Bunz $883.31
Caduceus Join team Vivian Cho Vivian Cho, Krystal Wilson $662.96
The CGG Join team Rob Hall Jim Kearney, Rob Hall, Haridimos Partsafas $295.00
Black Watch Montreal Join team Veronique Fradette Veronique Fradette, Zack Duma, Robert De Luca, David Serapins, Matthieu Hoang-Cao, Simon Tilly, Alec McGuckin, Florence Regimbald-Roy, Tyrone Smith $228.16
In Memory of Ian Coon Join team Emily MacKinnon Emily MacKinnon, Donald MacKinnon, Guyle Coon, Morgan Nevison, Isaac Oram, Brandon White, Paul Oram $217.57
Military Christian Fellowship of Canada Join team Nicole Lalonde Nicole Lalonde, Jazmine Lawrence, Gerald Potter $190.74
Invictus Team Canada 2017 Join team Michael Trauner Michael Trauner, Leah Cuffe, Julie Marcotte, Jackie Buttnor, Gabby Graves-Wake, Mik Popiel, Aggy Popiel $175.00
Whitten Warriors Join team Cathy Comerford Cathy Comerford, Emelye Brennan, Mike Brennan, Zachary Brennan, Deborah Gagne (Comerford), Thomas Gagne, Leona Sanders, Marc Sanders, Craig Whitten, Brenda Whitten, Benjamin Whitten, Donna Comerford, Christopher Russell, Michael Russell, Joann Whitten $159.49
Mom and Pru Join team Danielle Shewan Danielle Shewan, Prudence Kozlowski $125.00

Event Location

Elgin / Laurier, Ottawa, ON, Canada

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