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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Julia Mitchell Vancouver, CA 5KM $605.00
Sage Kosa Delta, CA 10KM $500.00
Amanda Brackett Vancouver, CA 10KM $450.00
Jill Komlos West Vancouver, CA 2KM $400.00
Debra O’Flaherty Delta, CA 5KM $300.00
Pamela Heath Abbotsford, CA 5KM $250.00
Wren Peters Vancouver, CA 5KM $250.00
Riley Bouchey Delta, CA 2KM $235.00
Carolyn Amador Vancouver, CA 5KM $210.00
Jennifer Bell-Irving Coquitlam, CA 2KM $205.00
Mary Rose MacLachlan Salt Spring Island, CA 5KM $175.00
Eva Dolejsi Richmond, CA 10KM $100.00
Jessica Graham Delta, CA 5KM $100.00
Julia Bell Vancouver, CA 5KM $100.00
Rich Thompson Coquitlam, CA 2KM $100.00
Andrea James Vancouver, CA 5KM $75.00
Chris Smith New Westminster, CA 10KM $50.00
Clare Gilbert Burnaby, CA 5KM $50.00
Craig Slagel Vancouver, CA 2KM $50.00
Eden Kosa Delta, CA 5KM $50.00
Fraser Hyslop Maple Ridge, CA 10KM $50.00
Jacqueline Rieder Salt Spring Island, CA 5KM $50.00
Jesse Tupper Vancouver, CA 5KM $50.00
Jude Kosa Delta, CA 5KM $50.00
Laura Sheppard Salt Spring Island, CA 5KM $50.00

Event Location

1151 Stanley Park Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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