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Proje5t for ALS

Raise money for Proje5t for ALS

Proje5t for ALS was founded in 2010, as a non-profit 501(c) 3, by Rich Ehlers and  Bob Willson.  Bob was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Scierosis), also known as Lou Gehrigs disease, in September 2007. ALS is a progressive, fatal neuromuscular disease that slowly robs the body of  it’s ability to walk, speak, swallow, and breath.  Project5 is working on following Bob’s vision; This disease is solvable, we need to work as long and hard as we can to cross the finish line and win the fight against ALS.


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Recent donors

Recent donors
Date Name Amount
Jul 17 DAVID TAFF $500.00
Jul 16 Leah Ridgway and April Hill Hoping for a cure $50.00
Jul 13 ALECE TANNER $50.00
Jul 13 Jetaime Taff $100.00
Jul 13 DAVID TAFF $100.00
Jul 13 Dillon Taff $100.00
Jul 13 Zach Taff $100.00
Jul 13 Ethan Taff $100.00
Jul 12 Stefanie Dahm $25.00
Jul 12 WHA Doctors Wittek Giedt and Swartzman Let’s find a cure soon? $120.00