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Raise money for Woodstock Hospital Foundation

The Woodstock Hospital Foundation is a registered charity, established in 1988 to receive, invest and disburse funds for the Woodstock General Hospital. We are the fundraising arm of the hospital, providing ongoing resources for equipment and capital expenses. The Foundation does not support the hospital's expenses.

Through the Foundation, individuals, businesses, service clubs and community organizations can help to improve the quality of healthcare for the citizen's of Oxford County by making contributions to the Woodstock Hospital Foundation.

The Foundation's goal is to:

·         Responsibly and effectively invest and manage entrusted funds.

·         Develop and implement effective and innovative fundraising programs.

·         Promote community awareness and involvement.

Our objectives include:

·         Raising funds through private and public donations.

·         Providing appropriate recognition to our donors.

·         Informing the general public about the needs of the Woodstock General Hospital and the activities of the Woodstock Hospital Foundation.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

OWL Distribution

Raised: $360.00

Natural Motion Healthy Hustlers

Raised: $360.00

Mario Party

Raised: $340.00

Dairy Airs

Raised: $180.00

Young and the Breathless

Raised: $120.00

Running Wild

Raised: $75.00

Running from the Law

Raised: $70.00


Raised: $50.00


Raised: $35.00

James Howard's Team

Raised: $25.00

We’re Kind of a BIG Deal....

Raised: $25.00

Inside U Health

Raised: $25.00

Woodstock Massage Therapy

Raised: $25.00

The Pacemakers

Raised: $25.00

Run Like the Winded

Raised: $25.00

Fitbit Warriors

Raised: $25.00

Doin it PRNstyle

Raised: $25.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
May 27 Julian Penton Undisclosed amount
May 27 Starr Blackman $25.00
May 27 Ryan Gascho $25.00
May 26 John van Straten $20.00
May 26 Kristie McLaren Amazing job Drew. Run your big heart out! $30.00
May 26 Larry Carter $100.00
May 26 Jason Geerts Go get them pal! I wonder if you will stop running if you see a snail on the road? $20.00
May 26 Kayleen Edwards $25.00
May 26 Jenn Gillespie Undisclosed amount
May 26 Charmaine Farrell Good luck Drew run your best - hugs!! $50.00