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Name Leader Members Raised Action
OWL Distribution Join team Michael Jaffray Michael Jaffray, Ashley Jaffray, Mike Schneider, Nicole Kellar, Mitch Ludington $200.00
Dairy Airs Join team Samantha King Samantha King, Leah Mitchell, Charlene Yungblut, Leslie Eeley, Samantha Rudat, Jen Ambrogio $180.00
Natural Motion Healthy Hustlers Join team Alyssa Hazeleger Alyssa Hazeleger, Gary Hazeleger, Leigh-Anne Rawlings, Leah Blue $110.00
Young and the Breathless Join team Linda Oosterveld Linda Oosterveld, Kelly Barzsa, Cindy Hilderley, Julie Housworth, Kelly Verhoeve, Nicole Felker, Sharron Poole, Stacey Sim, Kyleigh Sim, Richard Leenders, Janis Humeston, Olivia Poirier, Steve Baker $95.00
Running from the Law Join team ERIN DALE ERIN DALE, Courtney Milton, Erin Anweiler $70.00
Fitbit Warriors Join team Andrea Eaton Andrea Eaton $25.00
Inside U Health Join team Jaclyn Perchaluk Jaclyn Perchaluk, Erin Bott $25.00
Running Wild Join team Hilary Holmes Hilary Holmes, Jessica Waino, Jamie-Lynn Friesen, Tara Thiessen $25.00
The Pacemakers Join team Pauline Markus Pauline Markus $25.00
Vuteq Join team Ellen Hargreaves Ellen Hargreaves, Nancy Hargreaves, Guanzhou Zhu, Stephanie Betlejemski, Bobbie Leppard $15.00

Event Location

Southside Park, Woodstock, ON, Canada

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