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3 Events - 6 Weeks. (It's a Port Alberni version of a Triathlon; we make it hard and....easy at the same time!)


Here is what to expect:

Our Bike event for 2018 will bring you to the beautiful area surrounding Sproat Lake. The event will start and end at the lower Campground Parking Lot in the Provincial Park. 

The ride this year marks the history of the famed 'Swan' an old Steam Powered Boat that spent  40 years at the BOTTOM of Sproat Lake prior to being raised in the mid 1990's. It's last voyage was on May 24, 1954 and then after that it was purposely sunk because.....guess they didn't need it anymore. It was raised in 1994 and is now at the Marine Heritage Centre undergoing a lot of maintenance. See more here: 

There are four rides to consider with the Smolt Ride taking place near the Campground itself. It will be approximately 3kms in total distance along trails and consisting of gravel. The Sprint Ride will take our folks along Ash Main Road (gravel) to the other side of the lake where it will turn around at the Water Ski Club - Sproat Lake Water Sports Association. Total distance is less than 20k. The Challenge ride follows the same course but carries on past the SLWS Association and goes all the way along the south side of the lake to Snow Creek Recreation Site and Campground where again it will turn around and head back. Approximate distance is 77.5 km. Again this ride is all gravel, it is bumpy, it's not easy - at all. The Iconic ride is spectacular. Following the same start this ride will turn off the Ash Main then Taylor Main and head inland on Gracie Lake Main. Steep climbs to the lake and that trend continues past Gracie Lake over to beautiful Nahmint Lake then along those shores eventually heading east toward the Alberni Inlet. We'll have a nice rest stop at the stunning Macktush Creek Campground and then the riders will continue along the west shore of the Alberni Inlet following through to Sproat Lake - the starting point. This ride is about 90km but don't kid yourself. It won't be easy - at all. 

8:00am Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sign up for all three by clicking REGISTER FOR SERIES!

The Tri-Conic Challenge was an initiative of the Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce that was supported by Canada 150 as a Feature Event aimed at celebrating Canada's Heritage. The Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce extends its thanks to Canada 150 for believing in our vision so that we could bring this incredible event to the Alberni Valley. 

Registration fees

Smolts Closed

3K Ride. Ride will occur in the Campground area. Mountain Bike is recommended.

  1. $15.00
    Jul 27 - May 25

Sprints Closed

< 20K Ride. Gravel road - Mountain Bike or similar

  1. $50.00
    Jul 27 - May 25

Challenge Closed

77.5 k ride. Approximat Mountain Bike or similar

  1. $70.00
    Jul 27 - May 25

Iconic Closed

Approximately 90 k ride - Major hills, gravel, rock, challenging ride with steep hills and rough road. Mountain bike or similar

  1. $95.00
    Jul 27 - May 25

Additional Event Info

Day of Registration

Sproat Lake Provincial Park - Lower Campground Area

  • Sunday, May 27, 2018 7:00am - 8:00am on site.
  • Mountain bikes are recommended - all gravel roads, many rocks, steep climbs etc.
  • Cyclists will need to be fully equipped with extra tires, tubes, emergency needs etc.
  • Limited food/water stops along the way

Sunday May 27, 2017

Event Schedule

  • May 27 8:00 AM PDT - Bike Events

  • June 17 8:00 AM PDT - Running Events

  • July 8 9:00 AM PDT - Swim Events

Contact Information

Event Location

Sproat Lake

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