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Name Bib Location Sub-event
Aaron Oatley 972 Temple, TX Sprint Relay
Aaron Greer 851 Irving, TX Sprint
Aaron Miley 173 West Plains, MO Olympic
Abby Harris 243 China Spring, TX Olympic
Abigail Ayers 537 Whitney, TX Sprint
Adam Shipley 562 Austin, TX Sprint
Adam Jennings 239 Fort Worth, TX Olympic
Adela Kelley 504 Whitney, TX Sprint
Adrian Gonzales 274 Austin, TX Olympic
ALAN CUNNINGHAM 371 Arlington, TX Olympic
Alan Leedy 273 Austin, TX Olympic
Alberto Vivas 62 Houston, TX Olympic
Aleigh Ascherl 558 Waco, TX Sprint
Alejandro Rico 154 Austin, TX Olympic
Aleksandar Tomic 385 San Antonio, TX Olympic
Alex Korpal 800 Fort Worth, TX Sprint
Alexander Weir 428 Dallas, TX Olympic
Alexandra Mosser 959 Waco, TX Sprint Relay
Alicia Stevens 698 Nacogdoches, TX Sprint
Alicia Allen 11 Grand Prairie, TX Open Division - Olympic
Alisha Brown 272 Okc, OK Olympic
Alison Glynn 404 Fort Worth, TX Olympic
Allaine Abellana 326 Houston, TX Olympic
Allan Reitzer 167 The Woodlands, TX Olympic
Allison Achilefu 596 Mcgregor, TX Sprint

Event Location

Waco, TX, United States

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