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Name Location Sub-event
Adam Chambers Ancaster, CA Marathon
Andrew Merkel Markham, CA Half-Marathon
Anthony Hill Wingham, CA Marathon
April Boultbee Toronto, CA 24 Hour
Beatrice Henderson Picton, CA 24 Hour
Ben De Wit Woodstock, CA Half-Marathon
Bob Ranalli Hamilton, CA Half-Marathon
Boris Bubas Kitchener, CA Half-Marathon
Boyd Dunleavey London, CA Marathon
Brad Compton Spencerville, US 24 Hour
Brenda Sharpe London, CA Half-Marathon
Chantal Morin Drummondville, CA 12 Hour
Chris Baker Etobicoke, CA 24 Hour
Chris Henderson Halton Hills, CA 24 Hour
Christa Baker Etobicoke, CA 24 Hour
Christine Dirks London, CA 12 Hour
Ciaran McCarthy London, CA Marathon
Coby Martin London, CA Marathon
Colin MacAdam Sarnia, CA Half-Marathon
Colleen Semple Brampton, CA 12 Hour
Cory Woodrow Chatham, CA Marathon
Dale Marsh London, CA Marathon
Daniel Burke Port Colborne, CA 24 Hour
Daryl Dore Kitchener, CA 24 Hour
DAVID CHANG Windsor, CA Marathon

Event Location

Springbank Park, 1085 Commissioners Road West, London, ON, Canada

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