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Half Marathon / Marathon / 50 mile

Welcome to year nine of the DPR Trail Half-Marathon, Marathon and 50 Mile Ultra Marathon along the beautiful and fast Des Plaines River Trail in Lake County, Illinois. This is a truly special running course. The DPR Trail is a wide, crushed gravel track, free of roots and rocks, and very flat. All of the major road crossings are managed by way of bridges or viaducts (with only 4 minor road crossings along the whole 50 Mile course, 2 on the Marathon course, and none for the Half-Marathon course). This is a great track through alternating lush forests and open wetlands. With cool temperatures expected, and given the flat terrain and ideal running surface, you'll find these to be extremely fast courses. Come out and join us for a great run! 

Registration fees

Marathon Closed

Registration closed
  • Certified marathon course and a Boston Qualifier event.

    1. $70.00
      Dec 1 – Jan 15
    2. $90.00
      Jan 16 – Mar 31
    3. $100.00
      Apr 1 – May 31
    4. $120.00
      Jun 1 – Jul 31
    5. $140.00
      Aug 1 – Oct 6

Half Marathon Closed

Registration closed
    1. $60.00
      Dec 1 – Jan 15
    2. $80.00
      Jan 16 – Mar 31
    3. $90.00
      Apr 1 – May 31
    4. $110.00
      Jun 1 – Jul 31
    5. $120.00
      Aug 1 – Oct 6

50 Miler Closed

Registration closed
    1. $80.00
      Dec 1 – Jan 15
    2. $100.00
      Jan 16 – Mar 31
    3. $110.00
      Apr 1 – May 31
    4. $130.00
      Jun 1 – Jul 31
    5. $160.00
      Aug 1 – Oct 6

Race Day Information


Each registered runner will receive a shirt with DPR Trail Races logo. All runners will also receive an additional SWAG item yet to be determined.

Post-race recovery lunch... Join us at the finish line for our rollicking race and recovery celebration. Each participant's race bib will have a tear-off section to be used as the lunch ticket. Choice of a hamburger or veggie burger plus chips, sports drink and a cookie. Additional meals can be purchased on race day for $10. 

Transfers and Deferrals

Transfer Policy

Up thru September 30th you will be allowed to transfer from one race to another or to transfer your registration to someone else. 

Cost: For race category changes it's $10 plus the difference in price for the race you originally registered for and the new race you are transferring to. We do not offer refunds if the race you initially registered for is more expensive than the race you are transferring to. If a race has reached capacity, no transfers into that race will be permitted. For transfers to another individual, they will pay the current registration prices, not necessarily what the person who is transferring paid, which is a common misnomer). It's advised to let the system handle this and not work out differences among yourselves. Runners can log into Race Roster to facilitate the transfer. Call Race Roster 855-969-5515 for assistance. Please do not contact the race organizers to facilitate this as. No exceptions!

"No Sweat" Deferral Policy

At anytime up to September 30th you can defer your race entry to next year only. This is a one year deferral. Cost: $25. Deferrals shall forfeit any race swag for current year. We will not accept deferral requests after September 30th. Just contact the race directors by September 30th to defer your entry to next year. 

Send an email to if you are requesting to defer. We will confirm with you and you should be okay.


Refunds: THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, however, you can defer or transfer your entry thru September 30, 2018.

Event Schedule

  • October 13 7:00 AM CDT - 50 Miler Start - Wave Start every 3 mins

  • October 13 8:00 AM CDT - Marathon Start - Wave Start every 3 mins

  • October 13 9:00 AM CDT - Half Marathon Start - Wave Start every 3 mins

Contact Information

Event Location

24255 IL-21, Vernon Hills, IL 60060

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