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Raise money for Racing Hearts

About our Racing Hearts Organization: 

Since 2012, Racing Hearts has deployed over 840 life saving heart defibrillators (AEDs), increasing the heart wellness and heart safety of over 1.7 million community members.  We successfully pioneered AED legislation making California one of the most progressive states on AEDs.  In Santa Clara County, we have deployed AEDs into over 90% of all public schools, most county sheriff cars and many city patrol cars.   This past Fall 2017, we celebrated two AEDs saves in our community!  One at a San Jose High School and one at the Palo Alto Moonlight Run.   

Help our Racing Hearts Mission by Fundraising! All proceeds go towards community life saving heart defibrillators.

Why Racing Hearts: AEDs are a critical component in heart safety for our community.  Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can strike anyone at anytime. According to the American Red Cross, about 350,000 American's die of SCA each year, that's almost 800 American's per day - one death nearly every two minutes. And every 3 days, a young athlete suffers a SCA.  This number is more deaths than from breast cancer, lung and colon cancer, and HIV combined. Nearby AEDs are a simple proactive solution which can increase survival rates to 80%.  

This is why we love our mission: 
From Carlo R. (SCA Survivor from the 2017 Palo Alto Moonlight Run):
"My Thanksgiving, along with every day that I’m alive is extremely special knowing that I came really close to not having a life. 

According to Kate (the EMT who saved me), though CPR was performed on me, the main reason or possibly the only reason I’m alive today is because of the defibrillator she carried that day. And I don’t see how that would have been possible without your work and the work of your organization.

By the way, a few days after I got home from the hospital I received news that I was selected on a lottery basis for conditional enrollment into a nursing program in San Francisco. Part of that condition was that I had to perform really well on this entrance exam to get in. I was greatly inspired to study hard and do well so I could make sure that the life saved was well worth it. Well, a few days ago, I found out I got in! 

I shall continue to be inspired throughout the program and think of everyone involved that kept me alive and am inspired to be in a career where I can possibly help in saving lives as well and pay the whole process forward. To go from literally being dead to experiencing all this is inexplicable to say the least. Though it may even sound like an understatement, I am grateful. Thank you and your organization."

Carlo, huge congratulations on your enrollment into nursing school!!!

Taking part in the event?  In addition to making a donation you can fundraise by asking family and friends to pledge you!  Click here for fundraising next steps


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Team information

The Pace Makers

Raised: $1,625.00


Raised: $850.00

The Lifesavers

Raised: $800.00

Jeff's Joggers

Raised: $500.00

Team Work

Raised: $425.00

Leilani's Ohana

Raised: $375.00

Walks for Shocks

Raised: $350.00

Team Sammi

Raised: $300.00

Heart Savers

Raised: $288.00

Fleet Feet for Healthy Hearts

Raised: $275.00

Boise Racing Heart

Raised: $200.00

Chuckwalla CrossFit

Raised: $160.00

Helen’s Happy Heart

Raised: $150.00

Team Ladera

Raised: $150.00

UCSF Teal-o-meres

Raised: $100.00

Marcacci Team

Raised: $100.00

Kingdom (Racing) Hearts

Raised: $75.00

Heatbeat Babes

Raised: $70.00


Raised: $65.00

Walker & Company Brands

Raised: $40.00

Keller Williams Realty Palo Alto/Menlo Park

Raised: $38.00

Team DRC

Raised: $25.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Mar 26 Anonymous $1,800.00
Mar 20 Juana Run Donations $750.00
Mar 19 Thomas Holzer $50.00
Mar 19 Anonymous $1,357.00
Mar 18 Michael Davis Congratulations on your award and all the success you're having. Freyda & Michael Davis $100.00
Mar 17 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Mar 17 Elina Bankert Love you, Christy! Undisclosed amount
Mar 17 Renee Hofer $40.00
Mar 17 Anonymous Undisclosed amount
Mar 16 Ohara/Chus $60.00