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BodyFuel Swim Clinic

There is no better time to work on your limiters than during off season. If you're swim isn't where you want it to be or your wanting a swim assessment to get a plan of action join BodyFuel coaches Jessie and Andrew. Join us for one day or two.

Improve your freestye, get faster, or be comfortable in the water.

Here is an example of things we will cover during the clinic. Please post in the comments below if you have anything specific you would like us to cover.

- How to improve your feel for the water
- Stroke count and efficiency 
- Body rotation
- Stroke length
- Personilized videos
- Drill assignment

Registration fees

BFSPN Swim Clinic Day 1 Closed

BFSPN Swim Clinic Day 1 & 2 Closed

BFSPN Swim Clinic Day 2 Closed

Event Schedule

  • January 12 9:00 AM MST - Start Day 1 Clinic

  • January 13 9:00 AM MST - Start Day 2 Clinic

Contact Information

Event Location

Castle Rock, CO, United States

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