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Name Location Sub-event
Aaron Rode Three Hills, CA 5KM
Adam Dunstall Calgary, CA Half Marathon
Adam Daly Drumheller, CA 10KM
Adrien Robertson Toronto, CA 5KM
Al Lockert Stony Plain, CA 5KM
Alana Julius Calgary, CA 5KM
Alastair Fielding Drumheller, CA 5KM Youth
Albert Chan Edmonton, CA 10KM
Alenda Gridley Morrin, CA 10KM
Ali Vickers Drumheller, CA 5KM Youth
Alora Bastine Calgary, CA Half Marathon
Alytta Bekesi Cochrane, CA Half Marathon
Amanda Hardy delia, CA 10KM
Amanda Panisiak Rosedale, CA 5KM
Amber Dunn County of Grande Prairie #1, CA Half Marathon
Amber Leavitt Drumheller, CA 5KM
Amilyn Kucher Drumheller, CA 5KM Youth
Andrew Provencal Calgary, CA Half Marathon
Andrew Suntjens Drumheller, CA 5KM
Andy Bogen Medicine Hat, CA 5KM
Angela Jansson Calgary, CA Half Marathon
Angelique Linge Calgary, CA Half Marathon
Anne Chang Calgary, CA Half Marathon
Archer Nemeth Medicine Hat, CA 5KM Youth
Ashley Harrison Denwood, CA Half Marathon

Event Location

Drumheller, AB, Canada

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