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Reckless Raven 50 Mile Ultra and Relay

Reckless Raven 50 Mile Ultra and Relay
Epic ultra marathon course through ski trails,
challanging hills and stunning alpine views

About the Reckless Raven 50 Mile Ultra

Once upon a time, two Europeans living in Whitehorse had the idea of organizing an ultra race in the magical scenery of the Yukon. They were later joined by a few other crazy overachievers, now known as the Raven Conspiracy, who together scribbled down the first details of this amazing event.

The name says it all – the race will be tough, with 3 peaks, 2360 m of elevation gain, a few water crossings and maybe some curious furry friends. But who cares! Just imagine the breathtaking views in a landscape that’s larger-than-life, under the Midnight Sun. Put your mountain running experience to the test on this stunning, remote course.

If you’re a tough, adventure-seeking mountain runner, THIS IS YOUR RACE!

Don’t be fooled – this is a tough course, and you should have some mountain running experience under your feet before you try it. You will be running a race on remote trails. The Raven Conspiracy has designed this event to provide as much support as possible, but if you drop out, you’ll need to find your way back to the closest access point, or prepare for a long cold winter in the bush. THIS IS NOT YOUR FIRST LONG-DISTANCE TRAIL RACE!

Registration fees

Ultra Individual Closed

  1. $150.00
    Nov 24 - Jun 30

Team Closed

Two people per team; each person runs approximately 40km

  1. $195.00
    Nov 24 - Jun 30

Event Schedule

  • July 1 6:00 AM PDT - Start

Contact Information

Event Location

Whitehorse, YT, Canada

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