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This year's version of the annual Canoe to the Sea fun race will feature 5 lakes (with safety boats) and 5 portages (with assistants). Canoes and Kayaks can enter at the new dock at the Snow Community Centre on Lake Thomas in Fall River and go 20 km. to Senobe Aquatic Club on Lake Banook in Dartmouth followed by a hearty meal, draw prizes and a shuttle bus back to your car in Fall River.

Since it is Fathers' Day, all fathers who bring their son or daughter along and paddle will receive a 100% discount at the registration table. Seniors (over 65) will also receive a full refund at the registration desk on the morning of the event.

Registration fees

C2C2018 Closed

Paddle the waterway from Fall River to Dartmouth

  1. $50.00
    Mar 1 - Jun 16

Canoe to the Sea

The Canoe to the Sea Society has been bringing you the annual Fun Race on the Shubenacadie Canal and Waterway since 1989. Each year it features a different section of the waterway, sometimes the lakes and portages, other years it is the river and wildlife and when the tides are right, it could be the tidal bore and salt air.

Event Schedule

  • June 17 8:00 AM ADT - Registration Opens

  • June 17 8:50 AM ADT - Route Briefing

  • June 17 9:00 AM ADT - Start

  • June 17 12:00 PM ADT - Lunch and Awards

  • June 17 1:00 PM ADT - Return Shuttle Buses

Contact Information

Event Location

Dartmouth, NS, Canada

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