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Raise money for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

The NILMDTS  Remembrance Walk, "Our Journey Together" is for parents, family members, and friends to come together to remember a precious baby who has died due to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, neonatal or any type of pregnancy or infant loss.

Your donation will be applied to your team page. A number of meaningful memorabilia honoring your baby will be included based on fundraising levels achieved. If you raise $125, you will receive a personalized sign with your baby's(ies) name(s) on the Walk route. For $250, you will receive a special message and/or an image of your baby(ies) on your sign. Visit the NILMDTS website for further details.


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Team Ashlyn

Raised: $3,552.70

Andrew's Angels

Raised: $3,406.97

Baby Sophie

Raised: $2,647.85

Jackson's, E&E

Raised: $2,149.90

Henry Spike's family

Raised: $1,879.80

Greyson Harper

Raised: $1,795.10

Eleanor Grace

Raised: $1,586.27

Aspen Nicholas

Raised: $1,396.42

Jack's Pack

Raised: $1,322.23

Webb’s Love

Raised: $1,069.55

Rylee's Angels

Raised: $872.93

Jaxson's Angels

Raised: $811.58

Graceyn's Gift

Raised: $727.26

Love for Luna

Raised: $637.67

Adaline Mae

Raised: $600.78

Angel Babies

Raised: $595.68

Jameson & Company

Raised: $570.25

Evelyn's Echo

Raised: $542.68

Team Josey

Raised: $530.11


Raised: $488.55

Team Topher

Raised: $476.60

Remembering Graham

Raised: $471.60

Baby Buckingham

Raised: $457.00

Team Groot

Raised: $402.25

Rowan's Teddy Bears

Raised: $400.00

Emily Rose

Raised: $395.25

Liam's Legacy

Raised: $395.25

Riley Butterfly

Raised: $374.17

Team Harlan

Raised: $374.17

Lilly's Legacy

Raised: $368.90


Raised: $368.90

Lilly's 2 years

Raised: $341.20


Raised: $326.61

Clara Jane

Raised: $310.93

For the LOVE of Crayton

Raised: $309.88

Our Sweet BayGirl

Raised: $300.39

Liam Thomas

Raised: $294.04

Our Son, Our Moon, and All of Our Stars

Raised: $289.85

Team Johnathon

Raised: $279.31

Birds of a Feather

Raised: $268.77

Josiah’s Voice

Raised: $267.42

Team Murphy

Raised: $263.50

Everlasting Winry

Raised: $263.50

Ryder is our Superman

Raised: $263.50

Team Lylah June

Raised: $263.50

Jacob's Family

Raised: $263.50

Team NCB

Raised: $237.15


Raised: $237.15

Team Lucy

Raised: $210.80

Team Liliana

Raised: $205.53

Team Amelia

Raised: $200.26

Team CoolGreen

Raised: $190.77


Raised: $184.45

Team Kevin

Raised: $179.18

Eleanor Rose

Raised: $179.18

Diary of a Hopeful Woman

Raised: $173.91

Team Greyson

Raised: $158.10

Waddle Angels

Raised: $155.13

Gray Strong

Raised: $152.83

Team Emmett

Raised: $152.83

Sophia's Soldiers

Raised: $150.13

Team Maddox

Raised: $147.56

Clayton's Warriors

Raised: $131.75

Luke’s Family

Raised: $131.75

Landon's Legacy

Raised: $131.75

Aubrey Rose

Raised: $131.75

Stewart's Angels

Raised: $131.75

Sad about Sammy

Raised: $131.75

Team Brooke

Raised: $131.75

Baird Family

Raised: $125.00

Team Emery

Raised: $105.40

Lyla June

Raised: $105.40

Team Lucas

Raised: $105.40

Team Vinnie

Raised: $79.05

Team Human

Raised: $79.05

Remembering Killian

Raised: $79.05

Far Flies the Light

Raised: $79.05

Omar yoel

Raised: $73.78

Team Siarah

Raised: $59.02

Team Kairi

Raised: $57.97

Baby O'

Raised: $52.70

Hunter Lee Forever

Raised: $52.70

Team Jillian

Raised: $52.70

Maddielyn Jane

Raised: $47.43

Landon Samuel

Raised: $36.89

Bristol's Brigade

Raised: $31.62

Sweet Pea

Raised: $26.35

Team JJ

Raised: $26.35

RMJC Ongoing Journey

Raised: $26.35


Raised: $26.35

Baby Girl Zurlinden

Raised: $26.35

We love Maverick

Raised: $26.35

Team Addyphants

Raised: $26.35


Raised: $26.35

Eloise Rose

Raised: $26.35

Bella Queen

Raised: $26.35

Cam's Crew

Raised: $25.00

Lillian's Memory

Raised: $25.00


Raised: $15.81

Emery's Crew

Raised: $10.54

Team Matthew mark white

Raised: $10.54

Team Tucker

Raised: $10.54

Danika Fern

Raised: $10.54


Raised: $10.54

Team Jolee

Raised: $10.54


Raised: $5.27


Raised: $5.27

Team Shawn

Raised: $5.27

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jul 07 Grandpa and Grandma Hibbard $25.00
Jul 05 Aunt Ruth Stephens $52.70
Jun 28 Michele Hampton $52.70
Jun 28 Dan mernan $50.00
Jun 27 Blue Grass Community Foundation $200.00
Jun 24 Mike & Marcia Hess Your Sweet Baby Aspen will always remain a treasured angel in our family! $52.70
Jun 24 Sarah Cook Love you all $52.70
Jun 23 Lane Hines $15.81
Jun 23 Leigh Beevers Much love $52.70
Jun 23 Lisa Loerlein Aspen will always have a special place in my heart ❤️ $105.40