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Name Leader Members Raised
Depression Detective Courtney Diles Courtney Diles, Carol Henderson, Michael Porter $0.00
Franciscan Psychiatric Specialists Debra Edwards Debra Edwards, Amina Clinker, Teresita Briones-Ramilo, Mary Ann Davidson, Julie VanZee, Jeannie Legge, Krystal Chisham, Joseph Niezer, Dawn Copas $0.00
Go Banana! Michael O'Reilly Michael O'Reilly, Sarah Meisinger $0.00
NPH Shelby Gilbert Shelby Gilbert, Hunter Gilbert, Hannah Folkers, Liz Mitchell, Paul Hazelwood, Heather Lindsey, Melissa Woods, Shannon Townsend $0.00
NPHI Outreach Brittney Lee Brittney Lee $0.00

Event Location

Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Indianapolis

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