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Name Leader Members
2 Cops and a Dealer Tyler Pucci Tyler Pucci, Ryan Witiluk, Jarret ANDERSON
Bay Watch Meredith Menard Meredith Menard, Edrie Santerre, Kyla Strickland
Do or Do Not...There Is No TRI Amy Hosegood Amy Hosegood, Michael Hosegood, Vicki Peterson
Grumpy Old Men John Hayes John Hayes, Roger Gagne, Andy Batstone
Irish Car Bombers Blake Cameron Blake Cameron, Rory Cava, Barry Quarrell
Just Trying Our Best Daniel Tesolin Daniel Tesolin, Ben Belluz, Ashley Tesolin
Run Like the Winded Ellen LaFroy Ellen LaFroy, Emma Covello, Serena Radley-Hansen
The Four Amigos Jen Ross Jen Ross, Erik Ross, Laura Bron

Event Location

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Thunder Bay, Unorganized, Ontario, Canada

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