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Name Leader Members Raised Action
Fleet Feet Racing Sacramento Join team Carmen Micsa Carmen Micsa, Arnold Williams, Gregory Anderson $25.00
Three Runners and Another Guy Join team Matt Cervantes Scott Barry, Matt Cervantes, Ryan Martin $20.00
Born Texan / Married Californian Join team Brett Clark Brett Clark, Melissa Clark $0.00
Cap City Beer Chuggers Join team Greg Krzys Greg Krzys, Jamie Krzys $0.00
JAX Outdoor Club Sacramento Join team Kenneth New Kenneth New, Michelle New $0.00
Mad Scientists Join team Vincent Jones Vincent Jones, DAVID PIRES $0.00
Moms Run This Town Join team Kristin Withrow Kristin Withrow, Charles Withrow, Yesica Vergara, Tiffany Martin, Sharon Sims, Jennifer David $0.00
Mud Ducks Join team Mark Price Mark Price $0.00
Parker Duncan! Join team Lindsey Parker Lindsey Parker, Adam Duncan $0.00
Quiquiriqui Join team Chessa Maita Chessa Maita, Jennifer Yonemura $0.00

Event Location

Granite Bay, CA, United States

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