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Rotary Huron Shore Run

Raise money for Rotary Huron Shore Run

Proceeds from Rotary Huron Shore Run are divided as follows:

  • 70% Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation
    In 28 years the Rotary Huron Shore Run has raised over $400,000 for Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation.
  • 10% Southampton Rotary
    Funds raised are for local Rotary projects.
  • 10% Port Elgin Rotary
    Funds raised are for local Rotary projects. 
  • 10% Saugeen Track & Field Club The Saugeen Track & Field Club has been a proud supporter and beneficiary of the Huron Shore Run. The Run aligns very well with the Club’s objective of promoting a healthy lifestyle for area youth. The Run also provides the Club with its biggest source of funds which are used to promote athletics in Grey and Bruce Counties. Without the Huron Shore Run, the Club would have great difficulty offering programs to area youth. We are very thankful for our continued involvement. Brian Hilbers


Click on one of our teams below to make a donation.

Team information

Walker House Southampton

Raised: $8,420.65

Up & Atom

Raised: $2,380.00

CFUW Southport

Raised: $2,125.00


Raised: $550.00

Spongebob Slowpants

Raised: $490.00

Saugeen Shores pb

Raised: $375.00

Shouldice Family

Raised: $100.00


Raised: $100.00

Pigeon Boys

Raised: $50.00

Compensated Motion

Raised: $50.00

Shaughnessy Family

Raised: $25.00

OS Fit

Raised: $25.00

Bruce County Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center

Raised: $20.00

Get ‘Er Run

Raised: $10.00

Recent donors

Date Name Amount
Jun 01 Kassandra Ball $25.00
Jun 01 Jonathan Bailey $50.00
Jun 01 Donna Foster $50.00
Jun 01 Heather Heath $20.00
Jun 01 Michael Godard $25.00
Jun 01 Peter Risteen Undisclosed amount
Jun 01 Dylan simon $40.00
Jun 01 Lloyd Walker $50.00
Jun 01 Carolyn Day Hurray for the CFUW Southport Team!!! $75.00
Jun 01 Cynthia McIntyre $100.00