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The LPC Guelph Triathlon Clinic is ideal for triathletes of all abilities who would like to practice triathlon-specific skills and race dynamics in a group setting. 

Hosted by the LPC Triathlon Club and Loaring Personal Coaching. Sanctioned and insured by Triathlon Ontario


  • Targeted for beginner and intermediate triathletes (ages 13 & up).
  • Ideal for beginners who want to gain more confidence in open water, on the bike, or while running off the bike.
  • For intermediate and experienced triathletes, a great chance to pick up some helpful tips and feedback from professional coaches/triathletes, and bank a great day of training.
  • All participants will receive a swim cap.


  • Train over the same course as the popular Guelph Lake One and Two triathlons.
  • Enjoy a day with experienced Coaches and Professional Triathletes.
  • Vorgee Canada will be on hand to lend out samples of their tri-specific goggles to help determine your ideal training and race goggle.
  • DK Orthotic Solutions will discuss foot health and injury-prevention during the nutrition break.
  • Ask our Pros a question during our Pro Panel Q&A during the lunch break. 


  • Guelph Lake Conservation Area: 7743 Conservation Rd, Guelph, ON N1H 6J1
  • Park and meet by the Main Beach.
  • Washroom facilities available.


  • Online registration closes at 9pm May 26th.
  • No event day registration. No offline registration.
  • Registration includes single-day Triathlon Ontario insurance.
  • $6 extra (pay at entrance to park) to gain entrance to Guelph Lake Conservation Area (for participants who do not possess an annual park pass).  This $6 park entrance fee includes parking.
  • Refund policy: Please note that our event offers no refunds, no deferrals, no transfers. No exceptions.  

Registration fees

LPC Guelph Triathlon Clinic Closed

Registration closed
    1. $50.00
      Dec 26 – Feb 28
    2. $55.00
      Mar 1 – Apr 30
    3. $60.00
      May 1 – May 26

About the Coaches

Coach James Loaring
Head Coach of LPC. NCCP Certified Triathlon Competition Coach. Triathlete since 1993. Triathlon Coach since 2003. Former Professional Triathlete. Awarded Triathlon Canada Age Group Coach of the Year. Recipient of the Triathlon Ontario Mr. Triathlete award. Former overall winner of the Guelph One Sprint Triathlon, and Guelph Lake II Triathlon.
View Coach James' profile here

Coach Mark Linseman
LPC Triathlon Coach. NCCP Trained Triathlon Coach. Elite triathlete with 17 years of triathlon experience. Master's degree in Exercise Nutrition and Metabolism.  Performance Nutrition Consultant at the University of Guelph. Two-time overall winner of the Guelph One Olympic Triathlon.
View Coach Mark's profile 

Coach David Hopton
LPC Triathlon Coach. Head Coach of Hamilton Hammerheads Triathlon Club. LPC Hurdle Project Athlete. NCCP Trained Triathlon Coach. Professional Triathlete. 
View Coach David’s profile 

Coach Jackson Laundry
Professional Triathlete. LPC Hurdle Project Athlete. NCCP Trained Triathlon Coach. Multisport Canada Pro Series Champion. Two-time overall winner of the Guelph One Olympic Triathlon.
View Coach Jackson's profile here

What To Bring

Mandatory Items to bring:
  • bike in good working order
  • helmet
  • sunscreen
  • running shoes
  • goggles
  • cycling shoes (if you use clipless pedals)
  • proper attire for swimming, biking, and running.  Extra clothing in case of rain and/or cool weather
  • two water bottles (one filled with water and the other with sport drink)
  • lunch and snacks

Please Note: Water, and sport drink will be available for all participants.  Participants should bring additional snacks.

Helpful Items To Bring (but not mandatory):

  • tinted goggles
  • two towels (one to dry off, and one to use during Transition Practice)
  • wetsuit (bring wetsuit if you own one)
  • sunglasses
  • sport watch and/or gps device
  • cycling gloves
  • elastic laces on running shoes

Event Schedule

  • May 26 9:00 PM EDT - Online Registration Closes

  • May 27 8:45 AM EDT - Arrive, Set-up Gear, Bike Check

  • May 27 9:00 AM EDT - Introduction

  • May 27 9:15 AM EDT - Bike (easy to moderate) over Guelph Lake Triathlon Bike Course (Tri-a-Tri or Sprint)

  • May 27 10:00 AM EDT - Run (easy to moderate effort) over Guelph Lake Triathlon Run Course (Tri-a-Tri or Sprint)

  • May 27 10:30 AM EDT - Transition Practice and Interval Brick

  • May 27 12:15 PM EDT - Pro Panel Q and A during Nutrition Break

  • May 27 1:15 PM EDT - Triathlon-Specific Motor Control Exercises

  • May 27 1:45 PM EDT - Open Water Swim with Vorgee Canada (starts, skills, safety tips, sighting, navigation, drafting)

  • May 27 2:45 PM EDT - Wrap-Up

Contact Information

Event Location

Guelph Lake Conservation Area, Conservation Road, Guelph, ON, Canada

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