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5th Annual Cow Key Channel Bridge Run Zero K

Key West to Stock Island

We like to mooove it mooove it! 5 years now we've been herding across the Cow Key Bridge, all in the name of raising money for the Sheriff's Animal Farm. Join us this year as we celebrate with a Discow Inferno! Fun for the whole family, the Cow Key Bridge Run encourgages creativity and particpation from all walks of life!

New for 2018- Discow Inferno After Party @ Rum Row @ the Gates Hotel! 

Registration fees

Cow Key Run Closed

Entry Bib

  1. $10.00
    Jan 16 - Apr 14

Event Schedule

  • April 14 12:00 PM EDT - Packet Pick Up Party @ Parrot

  • April 15 12:00 PM EDT - MOOOOOOVE It!

  • April 15 12:01 PM EDT - Discow Inferno After Party @ Gates Hotel

Contact Information

Event Location

Cow Key Channel, Monroe County, FL, United States

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