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AVLCX Mountain Sports Festival Friday Night Kross Kickoff
Presented by Asheville Cyclocross

Join us for the 2018 AVLCX Mountain Sports Festival 

Friday Night Kross Kickoff! 

Presented by Asheville Cyclocross

Event Schedule

Beginner Men and Women @ 6:00

Men and Women A/B @ 6:45

Men A @ 7:40

Cyclocross brings road, mountain, and running (i.e. steeplechase) together in one action packed race.  

The MSF course uses the Carrier Park track as the hub and has grass, asphalt, sand, and barriers as the terrain.  Be prepared to question what you got yourself into and then ask when is the next one.  Hand-ups and heckling are encouraged!


Visit for info about cross racing and FB message Asheville Cyclocross for questions.

$10 late fee for on-site registration.

Registration fees

Beginner Men and Women - 30 min Closed

Beginner men and women race for 30 minutes

  1. $15.00
    Jan 10 - May 24

Men B and Women A/B race for 40 minutes Closed

Men B and Women A/B race for 40 minutes

  1. $20.00
    Jan 10 - May 24

Men A Race for 50 minutes Closed

Men A Race for 50 minutes

  1. $20.00
    Jan 10 - May 24

Event Schedule

  • May 25 5:00 PM EDT - Packet Pick Up Opens

  • May 25 6:00 PM EDT - Beginner Men and Women

  • May 25 6:45 PM EDT - Men and Women A/B

  • May 25 7:40 PM EDT - Men A

Contact Information

Event Location

Carrier Park, Amboy Road, Asheville, NC, United States

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