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Race Roster

Molokai 4 Molokai 2018 - Molokai Holokai Day 2 (M4M)

The Molokai Holokai is a 2-day festival on the island of Molokai hosted by Youth in Motion and the Stand Up Paddle Association of Molokai. 

 The race line up includes:



The Saturdays event starts from DT Flemmings Beach on Maui with racers crossing the Pailolo Channel in a 27 mile distance race open to all paddle craft

As the race is starting on Maui there will be SUP  demo/clinics on Molokai along with a Mangrove clean up service project

The Sunday's race is an 10 mile downwinder from Kamalo Harbor to Molokai Community Health Center located at the harbor.  There will also be a 5 mile course from Kakahaia Beach Park (Rice Patch) to the Health Center along with a 3/4 mile race for the Keiki and Makua from the Mowat homestead.

The Molokai Holokai is a 2-day festival on the island of Molokai.  A super fun weekend for all levels from the serious racer, to the recreation and something for the whole family to enjoy!





Registration fees

Solo -OC1, OC2, Ski, Foil, - Kamalo run -10 miles (Intermediate/Advanced) Closed

Per Person

    1. $30.00
      Dec 31 - Apr 18
    2. $40.00
      Apr 19 - May 15
    3. $50.00
      May 16 - Jun 30
    4. $70.00
      Jun 30 - Jul 7

Solo -SUP, - Kamalo run -10 miles (Intermediate/Advanced) Closed

Solo run from Kalamo to Kaunakakai , Molokai community Health Center

    1. $30.00
      Dec 31 - Apr 18
    2. $40.00
      Apr 19 - May 15
    3. $50.00
      May 16 - Jun 30
    4. $70.00
      Jun 30 - Jul 7

Solo Jrs (Under 18) - Kamalo Run- 10 miles (intermediate/Advanced) Closed

Per Person..SUP 14 and under, OC1, OC2, Ski - (Unlimited SUP will get the same pricing but will be counted in M/F division. Please contact organizer for code for Junior pricing.

    1. $15.00
      Dec 31 - Apr 18
    2. $20.00
      Apr 19 - May 15
    3. $25.00
      May 16 - Jun 30
    4. $35.00
      Jun 30 - Jul 7

Rice Patch Solo- 5 miles (Beginner/Intermediate) Closed

Per person

    1. $30.00
      Dec 31 - Apr 18
    2. $40.00
      Apr 19 - May 15
    3. $50.00
      May 16 - Jun 30
    4. $65.00
      Jun 30 - Jul 7

Jr rice patch to Hotel - 5 miles (beginners/Intermediate) Closed

Per Person

Keiki and Makua Race Closed

Per Person

Race Map

Race Details

The race started in finding ways for the visiting paddling community  to benefit the Molokai community, while having a fun time racing on one of the best ALL ROUND courses in Hawaii. Most channel paddlers would only see the start and finish line and not give themselves the opportunity to explore and enjoy Molokai. This is how the race evolved, an event that could be enjoyed by competitors, friends and family. 

The course of 10 miles will start from Kamalo Harbor and finish at Molokai Community Health Center. All divisions: SUP, OC1, OC2, OC6, Prone and Ski. 

Prize giving, food and drinks will be happening at the Health Center along with an evening of wonderful Molokai hospitality and entertainment. This is a fun event and competitors play an important role in contributing to the local community with their participation. If you plan to stay on Molokai we have some awesome activities and some great paddling.  No matter what you want to do, Molokai can give you what you need. Molokai can certainly get you in the mode with the perfect environment for mental preparation leading up to the World Championship race at the end of the month for Stand Up and Prone paddling .

For 2018 we will continue to offer a beginner/intermediate course starting from Kakahaia Beach Park to the Health Center with a distance of approx 5  miles as well as the Keiki and Makua race from Mowatt Homestead to the Health Center, less than 1 mile. We have a limited amount of  10’6 available for any family member that wants to participate in these shortened courses. We will offer separate sign up’s for the boards on our website

THE 2018 RACE ENTRY WILL COVER 2 DRINKS AND FOOD, shuttle to the race start and shuttle of your boards to Hotel Molokai if you are racing in the M2Molokai Challenge the day before, a one of a kind Oiwi rashguard, Molokai goody bag if entering before June 1st. This is a full value entry fee just in the meals, drinks, rash guards alone!

Rash Guard T, Tank Tops are available on first come first serve basis. We have a limited amount of rash guards in certain sizes so sign up early so you can get first pick of these quality Oiwi rashguards.  

The early bird special price will be using 2017 rash guards but with the option to purchase the 2018 rash guards at a special competitors price. 

 Start: 12.30pm  from Kamalo, Molokai - Finish: Molokai Community Health Center 

Shuttles will be available for the contestants to the start along with the transporting boards on the trailer. The shuttles on race day are complimentary for all our off island visitors. We will be running the trailer to Kamalo for the boards through out the morning at the designated times below. Shuttle times to Kamalo will start early so book your shuttle time to the race start early to get the best shuttle option. GRATUITY TO THE DRIVERS WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED!

Eligibility: Open to all. Kamalo run must be for the intermediate/experienced only. 

Race Day Registration: Please check in early and not at the last minute 

Race Day Briefing: 30 mins prior to the first start time at Kamalo. THIS BRIEFING IS MANDATORY! 

Start Line: There will be two start lines, the advanced can start from the Kamalo buoy and intermediate from the beach 

TIDES: Tide is rising making this the best it gets..

Kamalo to Molokai Community Health Center Approximately 10 miles downwind all the way to the Health Center. Estimated race time: 1-3 hours

SAFETY: All paddlers are advised to carry a cell phone or have a VHF radio WHEN doing the Kamalo run and carry whistles and streamers etc Intermediate paddlers are advised to stay inside the reef.

For transportation and accommodation information, please visit our website


Make the time and make this a weekend to enjoy the hospitality of Molokai....Look forward to seeing you for the Maui Jim Molokai Holokai weekend!



Welcome to Stand Up Paddle Association of Molokai. Stand Up Paddle Association of Molokai was started in 2012 by local Molokai paddlers under the parent company of Youth in Motion. Youth in Motion was formed in 1998 and then received its non-profit status in 2003. Without our Youth there is no future of the sport and hence the reason why The Stand Up paddle Association supports the endeavors of Youth In Motion, a Hawaiian Non Profit Organization.

Youth In Motion's Mission Statement : "Empower, Equip, Educate, Challenge and Motivate Youth through activities that engage and develop their mental, emotional, creative, and physical skills on the land and in the ocean."

“Our mission with SUPAM is to introduce the sport to as many people as possible highlighting the fun, the family involvement, the competitive spirit and pure joy in one of the fastest growing water sports in the World.” 

Molokai is the center of Paddling Events with world class athletes and events starting or finishing on our island in the prestigious World class paddling competitions. It is our mission to share this sport with much of the community and encouraging our youth to get involved in a healthy ocean activity and lifestyle.

The Molokai Holokai brings our local paddlers and community together to enjoy a festive weekend of healthy ocean activities.

"The Molokai Holokai will embody our inherent Hawaiian cultural values - taking care of the land and sea, giving back to community, honoring host culture/language, respecting others" 


Additional Information about Molokai

SUPAM Registration

We have some great activities to offer after the weekend. We are trying to encourage people to take some time on Molokai and learn about the island, the people, and the lifestyle.

Get to know Molokai and participate in what we have to offer for this week….I think we can safely say you won't regret it and smile that you can really understand a little more about the island of Molokai and her people.

If many need to leave Sunday night after the M4Molokai please arrange your flights with Makani Kai Air, Mokulele or Hawaiian.

There is no ferry


Divisions and Point Assessment

Men's Open (SUP, OC1, OC2, Prone, Ski)

Women's Open (SUP, OC1, OC2, Prone, Ski)

14 SUP Fixed rudder  Men, Women and Juniors

Prone Stock  Men, Women and Juniors

12’6 SUP Men, Women and Juniors

Surfboard SUP Men, Women






Event Schedule

  • July 8 11:00 AM HST - Race Check in and late registration

  • July 8 12:00 PM HST - Pule and Briefing

  • July 8 12:30 PM HST - Race Start for SUP 10 miles

  • July 8 1:00 PM HST - Race Start for OC 1 10 miles

  • July 8 1:15 PM HST - Race Start for Beginners 5 miles

  • July 8 3:00 PM HST - Keiki and Makua Race 3/4 mile

  • July 8 4:00 PM HST - Prize giving

Contact Information

Event Location

Molokai, Maui County, HI, United States

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