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CPU Western Canadian Powerlifting Championships
Powerlifting and Bench-Only

The Western Canadian Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships will take place at Evolve Strength North in Edmonton. Edmonton has not hosted a Western Canadian Championship for over 5 years and we are excited to bring it back. Evolve is a massive facility which will allow our athletes the most comprehensive warm-up room and spacious competition area including over 8 IPF approved racks 20+ competition bars and thousands of kilos. 

Competing at a CPU Regional event is a requirement for those who have not yet stepped on the National stage. This event requires a Regional Total Standard to compete, which can be found here: 

All other requirements to compete, if any, should be clarified by your Provincial powerlifting body - SPA, BCPA, APU, MPA.

The championship will crown who the strongest men and women are in Western Canada. Last year, the event had over 180 athletes competing. This year, we can expect even more!

The Official Sponsors for this event are:


Edmonton Tourism (

Inner Strength Products, Bull Equipment (

Strong Arm Sport (

Smartlifts (


LVD Media and LVD Fitness (

Evolve Strength North (

Strength Fanatix (

Goose Athletics (

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Registration fees

Powerlifting Closed

Powerlifting Event - Squat, Bench, and Deadlift No Refunds

  1. $160.00
    Apr 1 - Aug 5

Bench-Only Closed

Bench-Only Event, No Refunds.

  1. $130.00
    Apr 1 - Aug 5

Both Events - Powerlifting and Bench-Only Closed

Powerlifting and Bench-Only Combined Registration, No Refunds.

  1. $185.00
    Apr 1 - Aug 5

Hotel Information


Official Meet Hotel for 2018 Western Canadian Powerlifting Championships


Please call 780-244-4900 for the hotel direct or 1-888-591-1234 for toll free and use the group code G-PWRL.

Direct booking link for your group special rates:

Media Packages


This year at the Western Championships LVD Media will be covering the event. They most recently covered the CPU National Championship and provide both video and photography for lifters. They have photo only, video only, and combined packages available for Westerns. These packages will need to be ordered in advance. 

Click the link below to sign up or for more information! 

Qualification Information

These are the requirements needed prior to competing at this year's Western Canadian Powerlifting Championships!

- Have a valid and active CPU membership card.

- Have a valid CCES True Sport Clean course completed.

- Meet the Regional Total Standard for your Age/Weight Class 

- Meet your Provincial requirements (Check with your Provincial Executive!)

*Competing at a CPU Regional event is a requirement for those who have not yet competed on the National stage and plan to do so.* 

BCPA Information - (Must compete at a Provincials Prior)

APU Information - (Does NOT need to compete at a Provincials Prior)

SPA Information - (Does NOT need to compete at a Provincials Prior)

MPA Information - (Does NOT need to compete at a Provincials Prior)

Reach out to your Provincial Executive for clarification as I do not know each provinces rules, thanks!


CPU Western Powerlifting and Bench-Only Championship

This is a working schedule and is bound to change after the deadline, August 5th.  5b4bc1dbea417.jpg

Kinetic Advantage Consulting

Competition “Technique Assessment” Services to all lifters. Dr. Bryanton’s lifting assessments are based on nearly a decade of her research, training, and coaching experience. Each assessment package will give you a bio-mechanical breakdown of your lifting technique and identify your “limiting muscle groups” (i.e. weaknesses). Using specialized video analysis software, you will receive written, verbal, and visual feedback on your lifting technique using all of your attempts. Most importantly, each assessment package includes a thorough video voice over file (30-45 minutes in length) that will:

1) teach to you the basic bio-mechanical principles of the squat, bench, and deadlift

2) explain to you why you move the way you do

3) identify your strengths and potential weaknesses that may be limiting your strength performance and what you get out of your training programming, and 

4) how to address this effectively in your training using an evidence-based approach to strength training.

For powerlifting athletes competing at Westerns, KAC will be providing an early bird special rate of $125 for the full 3-lift competition assessment package, and $50 for bench only services.  Athletes can take advantage of this reduced pricing if they register by September 6th. After this time, rates will increase to $150 (3-lift) and $60 (bench only).  

For more information or to sign up for you competition assessment package, 

please contact Megan via email or simply visit her website to register:

Contact Information

Event Location

Evolve Strength North, 149 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Click here to view map