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Keji Multisport Festival - Open Triathlon
Tri & Catch Me @ Keji

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Super Sprint, Sprint & Standard (Olympic) Distances 

*Worlds Spots now available at the Keji Sunday event, Standard distance, more details here :

Sunday, September 23

Keji Multisport Festival is a two day event consisting of a first day (Saturday September 22) dedicated to a Women's Sprint/Super Sprint Triathlon & Multisport Workshops, and the second day (Sunday, September 23) dedicated to triathlon racing with a range of distances and some Worlds Qualifying Spots in the Olympic /Standard Distance for men & women.

Let's close the Nova Scotia 2018 triathlon race season with a spectacular venue and a sense of adventure!  While Saturday is dedicated to the Keji Women's Triathlon with Super Sprint and Sprint options, followed by Multisport & Culture Workshops in the great outdoors, Sunday is now available to open up for a wider audience and focused on triathlon racing.  The Kejimikujik Parkway is the kind of bike course we have always dreamed of.  The swim will be beautiful Keji Lake - historically 20 degrees this time of year (but maybe warmer this year). The run is on Eil Weir Road - a hard parked service road lined with side trees and graced with a footbridge over a beautiful brook. The Keji triathlon transition area is a large parking lot in front of Merrymakedge Beach.  It really is something!  Realizing that we're offering an option on the heels of the Shubie Triathlon cancellation and on short order we're  promising a safe course, beautiful backdrops, fun times, post race food and camaraderie ...and if things go well we will have some other surprises too!  

This event is proud to announce the Bridgewater Triathlon Club as a Sponsoring Club.... again, watch for emerging details! 

For more information about Kejimkujik National Historic Site and National Park, including guides and maps, visit

Registration fees

Super Sprint Triathlon Closed

Swim 300m. Bike 10 km. Run 2.5 km

  1. $60.00
    Mar 27 - Sep 22

Sprint Triathlon Closed

Swim 750 m. Bike 20 km. Run 5 km.

  1. $60.00
    Mar 27 - Sep 22

Standard (Olympic) Distance Triathlon Closed

1500m Swim. 40 km Bike. 10 km Run. World Qualifying Spots for this event. Details to follow.

  1. $70.00
    Mar 27 - Sep 22

Standard (Olympic ) Aqua Bike Closed

1500 Swim. 40 km Bike

  1. $70.00
    Mar 27 - Sep 22

Standard (Olympic) Distance Team Closed

Swim 1500. Bike 40 KM. Run 10 Km with a 2 person or 3 person team

  1. $150.00
    Mar 27 - Sep 22

Event Schedule

  • September 23 7:30 AM ADT - Check In Opens

Contact Information

Event Location

Kejimkujik National Park, Maitland Bridge, NS, Canada

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