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Name Location Sub-event Raised
Chris Boivin Dundas, CA 10km $50.00
Mark Karjaluoto Waterloo, CA 6 hour $50.00
Pat Burke Hillsburgh, CA 6 hour $50.00
Audrey De Koning Dundas, CA 25km $25.00
Brian Verspagen St Clements, CA 10km $25.00
Bruce Ysselstein Guelph, CA 25km $25.00
Alexis Stupich Waterloo, CA 25km $20.00
Nicole Jaynes Peterborough, CA 25km $20.00
Elanor Waslander Kitchener, CA 10km $10.00
Wendy Couturier London, CA 10km $5.00
Adam Humeniuk Calgary, CA 5km $0.00
Adam Duncan waterloo, CA 6 hour $0.00
Amanda Reed Kitchener, CA 5km $0.00
Anne Corkery Peterborough, CA 25km $0.00
Arline Humeniuk Calgary, CA 5km $0.00
Ashley Riehl Kitchener, CA 10km $0.00
Ben Nelson Toronto, CA 6 hour $0.00
Blair Fraser Toronto, CA 25km $0.00
Brad Schroeder Waterloo, CA 10km $0.00
Brian Lauzon Peterborough, CA 6 hour $0.00
Cameron Green Hanover, CA 25km $0.00
Cameron Lutley Toronto, CA 6 hour $0.00
Carmen Ballard Toronto, CA 10km $0.00
Cassie Smith Kitchener, CA 50km $0.00
Catherine Ratel Montréal, CA 10km $0.00

Event Location

2001 Kressler Rd, Waterloo, ON N2V, Canada

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