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Name Leader Members Raised
Home Life Admin Jamie Peterson Dave Zaback, Casey Cox $1,050.00
Supported Living Plus Supported Living Plus Supported Living Plus $100.00
Special Olympics - Witches and Wizards of Benton County Jonathan Jensen Jonathan Jensen, Jackie White, Jon Jensen, Sabrina Defilippis, Celeste Parra, Lisa Wakefield, Jimmy Boatwright, Grant Pattieshaw, Ryan Tevlin, Maggie Cleveland Gerth, Matthew Conklin, Megan Moore, Braden Moore, Matt Conklin, Susie Peters, Mindy Collins, Tasha Morris, Jannette Gardner, Coral Browning, Leah Byers $50.00
Team Brain Cancer Josh Bergh Josh Bergh, Simon Bachofner $25.00
Birthday Run Jessica Myers Jessica Myers, Lindsay Paugh $0.00
Farting Squirrels Tiffany Beciez Tiffany Beciez $0.00
Sibling Power Emily Curtis Emily Curtis $0.00
Team O'Connor Kim O'Connor Kim O'Connor, Neil O'Connor, John O'Connor $0.00

Event Location

110 SW 53rd St, Corvallis, Oregon, United States

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