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Rumble on the River 

is a criterium race 

with no corners or hills!

Racing will incorporate USAC sanctioned criterium races on the banked 500m Carrier Park track with fixed gear (track) exhibition racing in between the geared racing events.  The music, vendors, food and beer of the Mountain Sports Festival will be in full swing in the infield during the races.  Racers over 21 receive a beer ticket!  

See Schedule Below

Times are a guideline with only the first start time being firm.  Please allow ample time for parking at the venue; it’s a festival after all. Racers may enter as many events as they are eligible for.

Criterium notes: 

Races will be a standard criteriums held on the newly resurfaced banked track at Carrier Park in Asheville.  First one across the line wins.  USAC licenses are required for the Criterium events.  With this being a 500m track the need for safety requires that riders who lose contact with the main field will need to be removed from the race promptly at the discretion of the official.  All efforts will be made to insure fairness with safety as the top priority.  Due to the track surface we will not race if it becomes wet.  This decision will be made at the discretion of the officials.  Any race that doesn’t start for weather will be subject to a refund for that event.  Race starts may be delayed for passing conditions and refunds will not be granted for a delay.  Current USAC license is required.

Fixed Gear notes:  

Riders will self-rate for Category A or B.  First time fixed gear racers should not enter A events.  This is an exhibition event and results will not be posted or reported to USAC or any other organization.  There are no licenses required.  Waivers are required.

Entry fees:

Criterium $15 for 1 race (+$10 for each additional Criterium event)($5 sign up and then choose the races  in which you want to participate for $10 per race)

Fixed Gear Events $10 (covers all)

Kids race Free

Registration fees

Kids 10 and under fun race Closed

All bikes welcome

  1. Free
    Mar 21 - May 24

Fixed Gear Category A or B Closed

Miss and Out or Scratch Races

  1. $12.50
    Mar 21 - May 24

Criterium Races Closed

$15 for first Race and $10 for each additional race. Click here to sign up and choose the races in which you want to participate.

  1. $5.00

    Initial race sign up fee

    Mar 21 - May 24

Event Schedule

  • May 27 1:45 PM EDT - Kids 10 and Under Fun Race

  • May 27 2:00 PM EDT - Criterium 4/5 25 laps

  • May 27 2:15 PM EDT - Fixed Gear A Miss and Out

  • May 27 2:15 PM EDT - Fixed Gear B Miss and Out

  • May 27 3:00 PM EDT - Criterium 35+ 1-4 30 laps

  • May 27 3:30 PM EDT - Fixed Gear A Scratch Race

  • May 27 3:30 PM EDT - Fixed Gear B Scratch Race

  • May 27 4:00 PM EDT - Criterium 3/4 35 laps

  • May 27 4:30 PM EDT - Criterium 1-3 40 laps

  • May 27 5:00 PM EDT - Criterium Women 1-4 25 laps

Contact Information

Event Location

220 Amboy Rd, Asheville

Click here to view map