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Name Leader Members Raised Action
The Jingle BeltLines Join team Ginny Hodges Ginny Hodges, Martin McLendon, Zachery Blumenauer, Emily Garcia, Matt Spoon $285.00
Protect Yo Heart 423! Join team Christiane Palpant Christiane Palpant, Donna Gilman, Mary Peterka, Katherine Ryan, Julie O'Brien, Nicole Gustin, Debbie Smith, Bert Smith, Joelle Gracia $200.00
Atlanta Triathlon Club Join team Ron Teed Ron Teed, Claire Colbert, Amy Landsverk, Michael Butler, Douglas Ander, Andrew Nerney, Laurie Schwartz, Celia Mindel, Sarah Smith, Lauren Fogarty $30.00
4Pointes Runs Join team Jimmy Kim Henry Zhan, Jimmy Kim, Jin Chang, Daniel Park, Bahruny Choi, Sean Leu, Daniel Lee $25.00
DMRTT Join team Samantha Bradford-Saneda Samantha Bradford-Saneda, April Biebel, Pamela Harris, Samantha Bradford-Saneda, Robyn Brandman, Judith Noble-Wang $25.00
Free & Rowdy Party Join team Mark Leutzinger Mark Leutzinger, Sara Leutzinger $10.00
Team Kay Dubz Join team Kara Wilson Kara Wilson, John Riley $6.00
Andrea'sBday Join team Andrea McEachron Andrea McEachron, Audrey Malcolm, Traci Bahsoon $0.00
Astra Join team Andrew Lindsay Andrew Lindsay, Claire Kern, Christian Long $0.00
Back on My Feet Join team Cathy Stephens Cathy Stephens, Heather Turton $0.00

Event Location

The Stove Works, 112 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, United States

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