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Help Todd raise money

For participating in 2018 Moustache Miler

My Story…

I haven't shaved since October and if I get to $500 I'm going to trim some hideous patch onto my upper lip tomorrow morning (and then shave it off immediately after the race). I mean I probably will whether I get to $500 or not, but don't let that stop you. Also, if by some miracle I've already gotten to $500 don't let that stop you either. PS - there will be photos --

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Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Nov 23 Sheena Heslip Pictures all pictures of facial hair. Oh, and run run!! CA$54.31
Nov 23 Rudy Go Todd Go CA$25.00
Nov 23 Karen Rockwell If you run fast enough the G-force might tear it all off for you! Way to go Todd! CA$54.31
Nov 23 wendy smith CA$27.60
Nov 21 Anonymous CA$107.72
Nov 20 Albert Bortolussi CA$54.31
Nov 20 Mandeep Saggu CA$22.26
Nov 20 Ryan Osborne CA$27.60
Nov 15 Stephanie Coleridge CA$54.31
Nov 13 Scott Ashton Good Luck Todd. Happy Running! CA$27.60