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CA$614.53 Goal: CA$500.00

My Story…

I haven't shaved since October and if I get to $500 I'm going to trim some hideous patch onto my upper lip tomorrow morning (and then shave it off immediately after the race). I mean I probably will whether I get to $500 or not, but don't let that stop you. Also, if by some miracle I've already gotten to $500 don't let that stop you either. PS - there will be photos --

Help Todd raise money for participating in 2018 Moustache Miler

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Nov 07 Michelle Tough See Todd run. Run Todd run! CA$27.60
Nov 07 Mervyn Van Steinburg run hard my friend CA$50.00
Nov 06 Jim Lofty CA$27.60
Oct 30 Todd Nickel CA$54.31