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$689.00 Goal: $350.00

My Story…

Run Lady Run! This migraine sufferer, of 15 plus years, is running to raise money and awareness for migraine research. Not to mention that running is a great stress reliever and can actually combat chronic migraines.
During the last 5 years my migraines became progressively worse. When I moved to LA, I would say that I was at my bottom, as far as my migraine were concerned - 15 or more headaches a months, headaches that lasted multiple days, the left side of my jaw hurt, my face, my head hurt... I was in pain, tired, irritable, not my best self. I could have cried at the drop of a hat and did some days. I was lucky enough to find help at USC, with their aid of their interdisciplinary approach to migraines my headaches have improved greatly. They focus not only on traditional medicines, but on physical therapy and life style to target all areas of your life - because migraines effect ALL areas of your life, your spouse's, your baby's and your dog's.

Help Rikki raise money for participating in Miles for Migraine Race - Los Angeles, 2018

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Dec 08 Rikki Garcia-sieger From family $106.00
Dec 07 Mike Garcia $106.00
Nov 21 Ernest Quintanilla For you,Matt, Miles. Game on. $265.00
Nov 10 Anthony Lum Have a great run!! $26.50
Nov 08 Kevin Nucum Feel the burn!!! $53.00
Nov 08 Alastair Seddon From a fellow sufferer - kick some ass for us Rikki!!!! $106.00
Nov 08 Katie Kondrat Yayayay 5K! $26.50