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This half day workshop focuses on preparing runners for five critical factors to help you unleash your awesome!:

  • You are awesome - find out how to unleash your inner awesome and have the best race you have ever had!
  • Altitude running tips - find out the secrets of how to run at altitude and leave your ego behind
  • Efficient running - learn how to run more efficiently both uphill and downhill
  • Race strategy - learn how to develop your own personalized race strategy and rock your race in Estes Park
  • Switch anxiety to positive - learn how to change nervous anxiety into something positive that can supercharge your race experience!
  • We will also share information on the POSITIVE RUNNING MOVEMENT
  • This exciting workshop takes place on Friday August 3, 2018, from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm, in time to reach the expo / packet pick-up. Location will be at a central location in Estes Park, and close to the expo. Places are limited to 10 runners per workshop; cost is $40 per person.


Registration fees

Positive race workshop Closed

Rocky 2018 unleash your awesome race workshop

Event Schedule

  • August 3 9:00 AM MDT - Unleash your awesome race workshop start

  • August 3 12:00 PM MDT - Unleash your awesome race workshop finish

Contact Information

Event Location

Estes Park, CO, United States

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