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Korean American Friendship Marathon
제 1회 미 동부지역 한인 마라톤 대회

Korean American Friendship Marathon
제 1회 미 동부지역 한인 마라톤 대회 

All welcome, 

Great scenic  fast Course, Boston Qualified!

Free Traditional Korean Foods will be provided at the finish line.

We will distribute the bib numbers at NY( NYC Queens,) and NJ ( Fore Lee) before the race day. 

See Below  at the BIB and Packet pick up section 

About the Race

The Korean American friendship marathon will be held on the same course of the Two River Marathon 

The course is among the Top 25 of Boston Qualifier times of all marathons in the US . 

I’m pleased to announce that this course has been selected as the Pennsylvania State Marathon Championship Race since 2016. 

It’s a fast course! There are a hill or two, early in the race, but the 600 feet of net elevation loss and generally flat last 16 miles of the marathon make it fast, fun and friendly.

All finishers in the marathon, half-marathon, 10k and 5k will receive:

Conqueror Medals

beautiful T shirt

Unlimited Variety of Korean Foods at the Finish .

Enjoy K-Pops, and Korean Traditional Dance

You get all of the above if you compete in any race from the 5k to the marathon.

Our goal is to be the most athlete-friendly event in the country. We want to provide the best race day experience possible. We do this with a beautiful course, the best schwag and great food.

9 Am race start at Woodloch Lodge, Hawley PA, 731 Welcome Lake Road. Prerace check-in starts at 7;30 am at the Theater at Woodloch (there will be signs directing athletes to the theater). Race start is approximately 100 yards up the road from the theater at the top of a hill.

BIB and Packet Pick up 

Race day pick up  and check in starts  at 7:30 AM at the Woodloch Resort. 

We also have early distribution of BIB and packet at  NJ and NYC as below for your convenience.

You may join the race directly on the race day.. 

NJ: CK Rehab & Pain Clinic . 21 Grand Ave South Building Suite 502, Palisade Park NJ 07650 T; 201-657-2613,   Avail. Date, Time. Sep.15,  Saturday 11 to 5

NY: Pine Mortgage: 209-35 Northern BLVD Suite 204, Bayside, NY  11361  T: 631-645-5250 ,  Avail Date, Time . Sep. 14, Friday  10 to 6 

 ( ask this service to e mail

The Course

The 2018 races will be held on Sep. 16 (Sunday) with a 9am start for the marathon and half marathon, and a 10am start for the 5k and 10k races.

Race day athlete check-in is in the Woodloch Theater, 731 Welcome Lake Drive, Hawley PA. There will be signs directing athletes and families to the parking area.

The races are a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. The course is certified (certificate PA12012WB).

  • Mile marker signs at every mile (as well as paint on the road surface)
  • Signs that can’t be missed at the turnarounds (marathon, half-marathon, 10k and 5k)
  • Marathon and half marathon turns. Please don’t miss them!  Each turn will have signage, paint on the ground, cones and more signs letting you know it’s time to turn. RD Rule of Thumb, “When you think you have enough signs on the course so that nobody can possibly get lost, double the signage!” I will have double the signage on the course.
  • Here are the “pay attention to” turns on the course:
  • Mile 1.8 Right turn onto Masthope Plank Road
  • Mile 8.5 or so. You’ll go under a railroad trestle, Go left here! You will have the option to go straight, but if you do, you will see a wall masquerading as a road. It is straight up. DO NOT GO STRAIGHT. You will run out of oxygen plus you will get lost.
  • Mile 11.7. This is the end of Masthope Plank Road. You will know it very well after 9.9 miles on it. Go Right Here! There will be a portapotty here as well.
  • Half Marathon Turnaround: You’ll have signage, cones, paint and a volunteer here. It is at mile 12.3 of the course.
  • Marathon Turnaround: You’ll have signage, cones, paint and a volunteer here. It is at mile 18.8.

I hope you’ll find the race pricing an incredible value after you’ve experienced the event and obtained the race shirt, beautiful the 1st finisher’s medal, post race barbeque, and, hopefully, an award!

The course map is located here:

It is a certified Boston Marathon qualifying course.

The half marathon follows the marathon course. At Masthope Plank Road and Rte 590, mile 11.75, the half marathoners will turn right, as will the marathoners. The half marathoners will go out Rte 590 for about .75 miles, then turnaround and head back to the finish area.

The course elevation map is posted here:

Video of the Course ( It was taken on Winter.. Our race will be held  on Early Fall... imagine.. more beautiful without snow) 

Part 1 : This video covers the start of the Race (at Woodloch) to around mile 5.

Part 2 of 3: This video shows miles 5 to 11.75, which is the point that the athlete turns onto Rte 590 for the out and back along the Lackawaxen River.I recommend viewing 4:45 to 7:00 minutes into this video (little hills on the course) and 9:30 to 11:25 (end of video–shows turn onto Rte 590 and shows finish line).

Part 3 of 3: This video covers the out and back along the Lackawaxen River. For marathoners, they will be on this road (Route 590) for 7 miles. For half marathoners, they will be on this road for 3/4 of a mile. Both events will have clearly marked turnarounds.

GPS info

GPS Info for start and finish of marathon and half marathon:

Finish Line GPS : Two River Junction( This is the Party Place..) 

106 Scenic Dr

Lackawaxen, PA 18435

That is the finish line. Parking is across the street at the Fire House.

Start Line GPS : Woodloch Resort

731 Welcome Lake Rd

Hawley, PA 18428

We will be in the Heritage Theater, which is very near the start, at the northernmost part of Woodloch Resort.

Race Day 

Check In

Marathon and half marathon check-in and race day registration begins at 7:30am in at the Woodloch Theater, located at 731 Welcome Lake Road, Hawley PA 18428.

Getting to the Start

The shuttle to the race start leaves at 7:30am and 8:15am. Race start is 9am for the marathon and half-marathon.

The race start is at Woodloch Pines Resort, about 10 miles from the finish. This is the highest point on the course. The marathon and half marathon feature 600 feet of net elevation loss.

We will have use of the Woodloch Resort Theater (a very nice facility with bathrooms and heat) prior to the race. It is the building closest to the start area. Thank you to Woodloch Resort. Please be sure to treat the building and the area around Woodloch with respect and cleanliness.

Water and Port a Potties

Water stations and port-a-potties are on the course. Water stations are located at least every two miles, with more aid stations located on the out and back section from miles 12-19 that returns for miles 19-26. Water is at the aid stations. We can put any special nutrition, gels or fluids at any aid station for you.

Port-a-potties are located at miles 6, 11.75 and 19.

5 and 10k Details

The 10k and 5k races start at 10:00am at the Park (finish line area). Race day registration and athlete check-in start at 8:30am. The course is flat and follows the Lackawaxen River on an out and back course.

Korean  Instruction ( 한국말 안내

  1. 대회 개략.

제 1회 미 동부지역 한인 마라톤 대회는   3월 말에 열리는 Two River Marathon과 같은 코스에서 열립니다. 이 코스는 보스톤 콸리화이 인정되는  Top 25  코스 중의 하나입니다.  그리고 2016년 이후 펜주 챔피언 쉽 대회가 열리는 곳이기도 합니다. 

전체적으로 한 두개의 작은 언덕을 포함해  고도 600 피트를  내려오는 빠르고 평탄한 코스, 마지막 16마일은 강변을 달리는 평탄한  코스입니다. 

5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon을 완주하는 모두에게   기념 티셔츠와 메달, 그리고 선물등이 주어집니다. 

피니시라인에는 불고기등, 푸짐한 한국음식들과 K-Pop, 전통 무용공연등이 열립니다. 

Woodloch Resort ( 731 Welcomelake Rd, Hawley, PA 18428 ) 에서 9시에 미국가와 애국가를 시작으로 풀마라톤과 하프 마라톤이 시작됩니다. 

10K, 5K는 피니시라인 ( 106 Scenic Dr. Lakawavan, PA 18435) 에서 10시에 출발.. 반환점을 돌아 다시 피니시라인으로 돌아 옵니다. 

  1. 파킹셔틀 버스 

기본적으로 피니시라인에 파킹을 시키고 셔틀버스를 타고 ( 7시 30분에서 8시 15분) 출발지점으로 갑니다. 출발지점으로 직접 갈 수도 있고, 그곳에도 충분한 파킹자리가 있으나,, 피니시라인에서 출발선으로는 셔틀이 제공되지않고 개인적으로 가야 합니다..

다만 주최측에서 부정기적으로 운송을 해 드릴 예정입니다. 

  1. 코스 지도와 고도코스 비디오는  영어 사이트를 참조하시기 바랍니다
  2. 번호표 픽업 

대회당일 7시 30분부터 출발선의 woodloch resort 에서 픽업이 가능 하지만 

뉴욕시와 뉴저지에서는 아래 장소, 시간에 미리 분배해 드립니다. 

NJ: CK Rehab & Pain Clinic . 21 Grand Ave South Building Suite 502, Palisade Park NJ 07650 T; 201-657-2613,   Avail. Date, Time. Sep.15,  Saturday 11 to 5

NY: Pine Mortgage: 209-35 Northern BLVD Suite 204, Bayside, NY  11361  T: 631-645-5250 ,  Avail Date, Time . Sep. 14, Friday  10 to 6 

 ( 위 서비스를 원하시는 분들은krunners001@gmail.com로 연락바랍니다)

  1. 물제공,이동식 화장실 위치는  영어사이트를 참조하시기 바랍니다

Registration fees


Half Marathon



Event Schedule

  • September 16 7:30 AM EDT - Check-in and Race Day Registration Begins

  • September 16 9:00 AM EDT - Marathon and Half Marathon Start

  • September 16 10:00 AM EDT - 10K and 5K Start

Contact Information

  • Name

    Mark Hughes, Jay Chung ( Korean Speaking, 한국말 )

  • Phone


Event Location

731 Welcome Lake Road, Hawley, PA 18428, United States

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