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$3,639.57 Goal: $1,000.00

Our story…

Earlier this year Rosemary (AKA Rock) was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. With no symptoms, this came as a complete shock! We immediately shifted from reliance on facts to faith and have been trusting God every step of the way. After a major surgery, she began the process of 6 rounds of chemo in March. Witnessing her strength, courageousness, grace and faith increase in this process has been such an inspiration. The process has been difficult on many levels. The biggest blow was when her husband of 42 years unexpectedly passed away in June. This has been the hardest year of her life. Please continue to keep her lifted up in prayer so she can "Rock On!"

Ovarian cancer is extremely hard to diagnose in early stages because there is currently no screening and the symptoms are often minimal. We are asking for your support to aid in the continuation of research in this area to find a cure and improve treatment options.

Thank you for your support!

Peace and blessings!

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Sara Farooqi

Raised: $732.05

Rosemary Flowers-Jackson

Raised: $352.09

Tameka Jackson-Del Gavio

Raised: $243.89

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Tara Patterson

Raised: $108.20

Cheryl McDaniel

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Jan White

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Kasandra Wilson-Carney

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Kashawn Coleman-Winters

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Linda Finney

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Lisa Marie Del Gavio

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Marguerite Phillips

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Sanche Smith

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Sarah Del Gavio

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Sheetal Shah

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Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Aug 18 Debra Stanley Praying and in the race with you Rosemary. $107.35
Aug 17 Anonymous $27.48
Aug 14 Anonymous $27.48
Aug 12 Leidene King Undisclosed amount
Jul 18 In Memory of the Reverend Toney E. Jackson This donation is in memory of Reverend Toney E. Jackson, Sr. on behalf of the Fairmount School Social Committee. $25.00
Jul 16 Lisa Marie Del Gavio Love you Rock $107.35
Jul 10 Charles Evans Undisclosed amount
Jul 09 Trina Wilkins Continue to stand on that rock & command the mountain to move! You always win & I love you! Tre $54.10
Jul 06 Cheryl Hudson Undisclosed amount
Jun 17 Tsehay Freeman $54.10