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Boot Race is a 5 km handicap race. For those who have never run a handicap race, or need a reminder, each runner starts the race based on his/her best 5 km time in the past year. If everyone matched his/her time exactly, everyone would cross the finish line together. BUT, if you can beat your best time, you come across the line just a little bit ahead of everyone else.

Non-members - $15

Members - free


  • Each runner provides their best 5 K time in the past year.
    • (If you have not run a 5K in the last year, give your best estimate, or give a time from another race, and we’ll convert it.)
  • The runner with the highest time starts first with the following runners starting later by the difference between their time and the highest time.
    • For example, Runner #1 best time is 30 minutes, Runner #2 best time is 28 minutes, and Runner #3 best time is 25 minutes.Runner #1 starts at 10:00AM, Runner #2 starts at 10:02AM (30-28=2, thus starting 2 minutes later) and Runner #3 starts at 10:05AM (difference of 5 minutes, thus starting 5 minutes later).
    • If everyone finishes on their time, everyone should finish at the same time.
  • Maps will be provided electronically, closer to the event.
  • Watch for others using the pathways.

Registration fees

Boot Race Closed

5 km handicap

  1. $15.00
    Apr 17 - May 5

Event Schedule

  • May 6 9:30 AM CST - Registration

  • May 6 10:00 AM CST - Race day

Contact Information

Event Location

A.E. Wilson Park, Regina, SK, Canada

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