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Name Location Sub-event
Alex-Andre Cardinal Ste Anne de Prescott, ON 5k
Alexandre McDonald Alexandria, ON 5k
Alexis Chenier Cornwall, Ontario, ON 10k
Alison Proulx Cornwall, ON 5k
Allan Lyons Cornwall, ON 5k
Allie Fickes Williamstown, ON 10k
Alyson Gauthier newington ont, ON 10k
Andre Proulx Cornwall, ON 5k
Andrew Baggs Ingleside, ON 5k
Anne-Marie Griffin Moose Creek, ON 5k
Annette McRae Avonmore, ON 5k
Ashley March Cornwall, ON 5k
Barbara Mason Montreal, QC 5k
Blake Shane Cornwall, ON 5k
Brad McMillan Casselman, ON 5k
Brian Smith Chesterville, ON 5k
Brièle Godue Embrun, ON 5k
Brittany Meyer Ottawa, ON 5k
Caitlin Gadbois Cornwall, ON 5k
Cameron Baggs Ingleside, ON 10k
Cameron Chenier Finch, ON 5k
Carole Hutchison orleans, ON 10k
Caroline LeBlanc Long sault, ON 10k
Cathy Kean Cornwall, ON 5k
Cheryl Boals Lunenburg, ON 5k

Event Location

16299 Fairview Dr, Avonmore, ON, Canada

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