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ROW TO RESCUE – is a Half MarathonRowing Fundraiser Event in support of Somerville's volunteer first responders. Join us in celebrating fitness, community and service! 

Proceeds go to The Somerville Rescue EMT and Firefighters to help raise funds and continue no-cost emergency services!

You can enter as either a Solo Participant, with a partner or as a team up to 6 people! All will be rowing a distance of 21,098m race on a Concept 2 row erg. Brought to you by bodhi - transformation specialist


1. Solo or teams must complete 21,098m.
2. Teams can switch team members on and off the rower at any point.
3. The only person allowed to touch the rower is the individual who is rowing.
4. Monitors will be set on 21,098m and count down to Zero.


Donation based! We reccommend just $25 per person.


8:00AM – All Registration starts
9:00AM - Start Time 11:00 Finish


The Somerville Beerfest by Project PUB

Registration fees

Half Marathon Row Closed

proceeds go to our volunteer first responders!

  1. $25.00

    proceeds go to our volunteer first responders!

    May 2 - Jun 23

Contact Information

Event Location

Division Street, Somerville, NJ, USA

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